Sunday, November 18, 2012

Vegan week - Day 7

Final day! And I have to admit, I'm sort of happy it is over...
Day seven: Are you going to continue on this? How are you feeling after 7 days as a vegan?
Again, I'm feeling a bit repetitive, but I will not be going full on vegan. At least at this point in life, I do not feel happy with the choice of committing to a plant restricted diet. I also have to say, I don't feel any different. I may have felt a bit more bloated after the chili sin carne, but that is up to the beans and probably not a vegan super power! ^^

I didn't eat healthier. I didn't loose weight. I had to check up the labels a bit more, but I guess after time you know what you can eat and what not (was the same when I stopped eating meat). But I do miss Parmesan on my pasta - the full on delicacy of high doses of glutamate! I do miss my morning hot chocolate - even if I surely would have found a substitute if I only looked hard enough. I miss omelets - which surely could be reproduced with vegan methods, but why not eat the original when you are craving it?

And this is something that I learned. I will eat what I want. Because I want it. If I wanted to eat meat, I would do it. If I yearn for almond milk, I will drink it. If I want to eat tofu, I will. I will listen to my body. And eat whatever I like, no matter if it is vegan, vegetarian or pescetarian. And if I ever happen to miss meat, I might even eat that. Vegans might make the world better, but that doesn't mean that I am a worse person. I eat eggs from free ranging chickens, I drink milk mostly organic and try to buy Demeter or Bioland as much as possible. I'm currently not feeling "bad" enough about my life style to change it.


Cerials with almond milk


Chocolate bars (finally the last pieces! ^^)

vegetable curry with zucchini, banana, bell pepper


Wollmaus said...

Genau meine Gedanken. Schön, dass wir das so ähnlich sehen!

Und übrigens: die Sichtweise, nur Tiere seien Lebewesen, die ausgebeutet werden, ist sehr menschlich und willkürlich. Sind Pflanzen etwa keine oder schlechtere Lebewesen? Nur, weil sie sich nicht wehren können?

MindLess said...

Ach wollmaus, du bist einfach die Beste! *knuddel*