Friday, November 16, 2012

Vegan week - Day 5

I think I already answered question number five in my posts:
  1. Day five: Do you think you could be vegan forever?
 No. As much as I like the idea of causing less harm to animals, I prefer eating more natural to eating artificial products. Let me explain: I do not think that eating "cheese" made from cashews is necessary good for you, especially when some corporation made this "cheese" and had to include storing agents to sell this in stores. Of course you could make the "cheese" yourself, but this takes a lot of effort, time and money. I'm not poor, but I value the little free time besides my PhD thesis too much to spend it making nut butters, cashew cheese or vegan milks. I appreciate all the people who do take this effort. I bow to their dedication. But I would not be happy with this lifestyle.

As *Wollmaus* posted yesterday, I prefer to eat "real food". I usually cook from scratch, I use natural and mostly seasonal ingredients. I buy eggs from free ranging chicken and organic milk. I try to coax my boyfriend into buying organic meat, but admittedly not always succeed. This doesn't mean I deprive myself from eating out. Or that I will never eat fabricated food (like cookies from Bahlsen or Leipniz), or refrain from stuff other people cook with non-organic ingredients. But I do my best on the stuff where I can change things and express my opinion for sellers and producers.


full wheat and rye bread
vegan spread with tomato and garlic (Zwergenstreich)
bell pepper

Vanilla pudding with almond milk


baked vegetables and potatos with Hummus

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