Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Vegan week- Day 3

The next question for the vegan week challenge is
Day three: What’s your parent’s/friend’s opinion on this challenge?
My parents don't know about it, but I will phone them during the week (hint: I live on my own) and the topic might come up. I don't think they will be especially interested in it, my brother once went vegan for 2 months and I don't visit them so they don't have to buy/cook special stuff for me.

My friends support me, but they always do. Some are vegans, some eat meat. Some have specific intolerance. Doesn't matter, when we gather we usually bring food and ask for problematic stuff first!

My colleagues already think I'm strange, so adding another spleen to my personality didn't make them too annoyed. I was just a bit sad as my colleague brought cheesecake to work yesterday and I couldn't try it. I know her cake is always great and I hope I didn't offend her when I nibbled on Manner waffles instead...

My boyfriend also participated in the challenge. This might be no surprise since we cook together every night. He is too lazy to cook for himself, so he eats the vegan stuff we prepare together in the evening. But he still eats omnivorous during the day. And his Bratkartoffeln yesterday were with eggs and bacon, as I later found out!

Trisha commented yesterday that I should not be to strict about veganism and cut me some slack with my shampoo. If I would turn my life around and live mostly vegan from now on, I would agree. No one should punish himself about food. Even as a vegetarian, when I ate meat out of mistake (didn't know it was in the food or was informed wrongly), I just spit it out discretely and ate something else. I'm not crying about spilled milk!
But since this is a short term experiment, I want to go all the way. No half arsed stuff! I even checked my makeup and found out that two of my eye shadows contain fish scales (WTF?!), so I'm not using those. And I don't feel deprived even with those strict rules. It is an experiment, I'm curious how I will feel in the end. And any superpowers (Link for the non-Nerds that do not know what I'm talking about) are very welcome!


Bratkartoffeln (hash browns, but with potato slices) - skipped Breakfast and started with lunch! Got up at 11am, since I don't have to work today!

Chocolate bars (German recipe here)

dark chocolate

Spagghetti Napoli


Shannon Rutherford said...

Those chocolate bars look so yummy! I'd like to have lunch with chocolate bars and fruit too XD (unfortunately, I live with my parents and I have to eat what they eat!)
What are spaghetti Napoli exactly :D? Just curious (I often eat spaghetti, this might my a new recipe I could try)

MindLess said...

@ Shannon Ruhterford: My chocolate bars don't look half as good as the originals, but they taste great!

And Spagghetti Napoli is just plain Spagghetti with tomato sauce. I put fresh basil, onions, garlic and oregano into canned tomatos. Really easy, really good and really quick!

Shannon Rutherford said...

Oh! That's how I usually eat spaghetti (except for garlic and origano). It's true, that's the quickest recipe for spaghetti XD but I'm still convinced it's absolutely the tastiest :D
May I suggest you something? It would be perfect with some parmesan cheese. :)

MindLess said...

@ Shannon: I usually would, it's just not exactly vegan! ^^

Trisha said...

jaah, ich will halt nur nicht, dass du dadurch den spass drann verlierst ^^

aber ich find das natürlich sehr gut :D

MindLess said...

@ Trisha: Ich verlier den schon nicht. Aber heute war es fies, wir waren in Holland und ich durfte weder eine Bamischeibe essen noch Vla kaufen... Und ich liebe Vla!!! ^^