Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Vegan week - Day 2

Today topic is
Day two: Post a picture of today’s breakfast
I have to admit, as much as I vary the foods I eat, I'm a routine breakfast eater.  Usually, I made a big cup of hot chocolate and ate some fruit once I arrive at work. On the weekends I either do the same, eat a big breakfast with scrambled egg together with the BF or skip breakfast and start the day with lunch. The last option often applies when I was out partying and slept until 1pm or later. One might say I do not skip breakfast but just eat my lunch as breakfast...

This week my breakfast will probably contain of the bread I mentioned yesterday or a hot chocolate when I find out how to make it with almond milk without being too sweet. Plus some fruits which keep my stomach from growling until 12am.

Another thing I noticed is that vegans really need to watch their stuff. When we went shopping for this week on Friday, we needed toothpaste. Did you know that they sell toothpaste with pearls in them? Like real pearls from clams? I didn't. I also checked my shampoo and soap, I have one each that I can use because they are vegan. I usually use a shampoo with lanolin that helps against my dry and itchy scalp but contains lanolin which is an animal product (sheep wool fat). I had to omit my iron supplements because the tablet contains lactose. The chips we wanted to buy contain dried milk powder. Why this is necessary is beyond me... Vegan life style - depending on how strict you are of course!- takes a lot of effort. Especially since there is no consistent labeling. The peanut flips we ended up buying were vegan. Without a special label.


full wheat and rye bread
vegan spread with tomato and garlic (Zwergenstreich)

Chickpea soup

Cucumber salad
zwieback (Alnatura)

Popcorn (we are heading to watch Skyfall)
Fries and apple danish from McDonalds (we didn't have much time between work and Skyfall ;) )


Frau Fledermaus said...

Die Dreisafer Eisen Tabletten sind komplett vegan :) Nur falls es interessiert ^^

MindLess said...

@ Frau Fledermaus: Oh, gut zu wissen! Aber nur für das einwöchige Experiment werde ich wohl einfach kurz verzichten...

Wollmaus said...

Welches Shampoo mit Lanolin benutzt du?

MindLess said...

@ wollmaus: Das von Linola! ^^ Aus der Apotheke...

Trisha said...

mach dir nicht zu harte regeln! es gibtkeine veganer Polizei die dicg verhaftet, wenn in deinem shampoo lanolin ist ;) setzt dir deine eigenen regeln und versuch nicht es zu verkampft ganz korrekt zu machen :D du machst das toll! lass dir nicht den spass daran verderben in dem du dir zu enge grenzen setzt.

und jetzt geb ich dir noch ein rezept für Rührei aus Tofu für's Wochenende:
gleiche Menge festen, gebröseltem Tofu und Seidentofu mit allerlei frischem Gemüse (zwibeln, tomaten, pilze z.b.) verrühren, mit Salz, pfeffer und etwas instant gemüsebrühe würzen (gerne auch noch andere kräuter) und ganz einfach in der Pfanne anbraten. :D