Monday, November 12, 2012

Vegan week - Day 1

Today's question was this:
Day one: Write how you feel about starting this challenge, is it hard? Do you think you can make it? Tag it under #Fitblronveganweek
I think it is hard and not hard at the same time. I eat vegetarian/pescetarian diet anyway, so I do not rely much on animal protein anyway. I think it is harder for omnivores since they have to cut out meat of the diet and have not yet learned how to cook other stuff. Actually, I'm using vegan recipes I cook anyway this week, I just use them all together in one week...

On the other hand, I will miss my morning hot chocolate (since the plant milks are to sweet to use my usual hot chocolate powder), cheese - OMG I love cheese!- and eggs. It is oh so easy to come home after a long day of work and visiting the gym and instead of "real cooking" just put some veggies in a pan and add an egg for protein. Not much thinking and the protein (something my diet often lacks) is good for me! This week will consist of "real cooking" which actually is not much harder (and often takes about the same time) but is mentally more challenging. Maybe this is something I should work on?!

All in all I think I will make it. Actually, I'm not that afraid. I'm rather interested how the boyfriend makes it?!

In the light of the challenge, I will also post what I eat. The first two days I'm working and have to rely on the Mensa to feed me vegan - which they do recently, at least the veggies and carbs are mostly vegan, if not one of the main courses as well-, from Wednesday on I will be at home and relaxing.


full wheat and rye bread
vegan spread with tomato and garlic (Zwergenstreich)

Thai curry with Basmati rice (today was a good vegan Mensa day!)
Chocolate cookie (from a vegan co-worker)


vegan burgers - we were trying two new varieties, the "Seitansbraten" is great!


Trisha said...

hail Seitan!!

Seitan ist quasi pures Eiweiss, also musst du dagar keinesogroße Sorge haben :]

Trisha said...

oh und Reismilch ist z.b. gar nicht süß. probiers doch mal damit :)

MindLess said...

@ Trisha: Ja, klar heute nicht. Aber ich kann ja nicht jeden Tag Seitan essen. Mal abgesehen davon, dass das teuer wäre, wär mir das auch zu eintönig. Und Reismilch probier ich ein ander Mal, wir haben jetzt noch 1,5l Hafer/DInkel und 1,2l Mandel da. Und schlecht werden sollen die ja auch nicht! ^^

Trisha said...

Ansonsten ist eiweiss auch in alle hülsenfrüchten wie linsen, kichererbsen etc.und natürlich in soja.