Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Halloween quilt - Design

Since I posted the original design, more than a year passed. And while I still like my old design, I had some doubts. And the doubts increased, the more I looked at it. I did buy more different patterns and somehow I wanted to integrate them all into the quilt. But making more squares would make the whole quilt much busier, which I didn't like. So I was back to square one (or lets say, square 1/2 because I already have the fabrics)...

I searched the Internet for quilt inspiration and stumbled upon zig zag quilts. Actually, this was my inspiration:

Another short search and I found a PDF which explains how to do this kind of quilts. While they use jelly rolls (precut fabric strips) I bought fat quarters. But cutting them is the least of my problems! I have 13 fat quarters and plenty of black fabric at hand, but I still need batting (the fluffy filling) and backing (the fabric at the back of the quilt). See how I used real quilters vocabulary as if I knew what I was talking about? I'm cool like that!
A bit problematic is that I will have to piece the backing because the quilt will be about 2mx1.75m and I didn't find comfortable fabrics with that width. Mostly upholstery fabric which is way to scratchy! For batting I will use fleece blankets from KIK (2 of them cost roughly 8 Euros) and I even thought about using them as backing and not using batting at all. Anyone with quilting experience reading my blog and advising me on this?


Little Miss Phantasm said...

I love the look of that quilt! Sadly I know nothing of quilting :(, I dabble mostly in sewing dresses. I'm sure there are some amazing quilter forums and websites where you can find information! Maybe even on sites like craftster.org

I wish you the best of luck! I'm greatly anticipating the final project X)

MindLess said...

@ Little Miss Phantasm: I already checked the internet, but I can't find reliable ressources is leaving out the batting is okay or just a cheap way out... But thanks for your interest in my projects!

Little Miss Phantasm said...

You could try sewing.patternreview.com if you haven't already. It's a quick free membership, no spam, and a wealth of super experienced seamstresses on the forum. I think using batting makes a big difference, at least from what I've seen. My Aunt quilts. Sorry I can't be of more help!!