Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Go party like it's my Birthday!

... we gonna sip Bacardi like it's my Birthday... *sing*

Yesterday I celebrated my 28th Birthday! I had some family over and had a lot of fun playing Decent and eating Chili sin Carne plus some cake and sweets.


And the best of all boyfriends made me a wonderful gift:

I love Lego and was known for stealing all the Lego presents my brother got to build them up for the first time. Deflowering of Lego is something really special, so many a Christmas eve was spent with me building castles and robots with my brother sitting besides me and crying... *oops* Yesterday I built the car together with my boyfriend and had a lot of fun... I hereby apologize to my dear brother and will gift him some Lego for his Birthday to build up on his own!


linnea-maria said...

I have the opportunity to play with lego with my children. Good excuse :)
Congratulations on your birthday <3

Wollmaus said...


Yay, Lego! Lego hab ich auch geliebt, auch wenn meine Raumstation und das Space Shuttle von Playmobil waren.
Schön, dass du mir diese Präferenz enthüllt hast!


MindLess said...

@ linnea-maria: But I think geting a child as an excuse to play with lego is much more expensive than just doing it! ^^ And thanks for the congrats!

@wollmaus: Danke! Und ich finde es sehr cool, dass du eine Raumstation hattest. Ich hatte nur einen Zirkus von Playmobil... Der war auch toll, aber eine Raumstation wäre definitiv besser!