Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Cat Skull jewelry - Rogue and the wolf

Recently I recieved another pretty package, but this time it contained something I ordered for myself:

Opened up:

And this is what it held: Cat skull jewelry! Some while ago I saw pretty jewelry on the blog "Bones and Lillies" and I was awed. She bought a purple cat skull ring and I fell in love! I rushed to the etsy shop of "The Rogue and the Wolf" and checked the price: A mere 8 Euros for a 3D print necklace in red? And the matching ring for 15 Euros? I could not believe my luck and instantly ordered. And now I recieved these pretties:

Look at these details! Even the teeth are printed!

Both are very light weight and still firm. The surface is not smooth but a bit rough, very interesting... The sale still continues, so grab them while you can (and not everyone and their mother has them)!

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