Friday, November 16, 2012

Buying stuff on the internet!

It seems like money is burning a hole in my pockets. I spent a lot of money on Internet shopping, because I seem to find great deals on stuff I need/think I need recently. I bought some sportswear - because the sweat wicking fabrics are damn expensive - and some iron fist shirts - because I bought 2 for 30 Euro which is a steal when they are usually at least twice as much! But since I want to keep my fabric and sewing notions here on my blog, I will only show you the stuff I bought for sewing:

Do you remember my idea about quilting and the sketch I presented *cough* a year ago?  I finally found a great deal on the fabrics, or lets say Halloween quilting fabrics, without incredible shipping costs. So I bought 13 fat quarters for 27 Euro including shipping. The fabrics are from the "Eerie Alley" and "Trick or treat" collections from Moda last year. I love the designs and will start sewing the quilt soon (I really plan to be finished this year). As I will have fabrics left over, I will make some Christmas gifts fro my friends from them.

And it is finally time to start with the WGT sewing for next year! Next week I will present my sketches - which will be horrible as always -, but I already bought some of the notions I will need. Next month I will buy the fabrics for the first outfit and sew! I will need the white ruffle (30m) and the red glittery buttons (25) for this.
Plus I got some jacket zips and silver satin piping. The skull rivets were a gift I got with my order. In total I paid 50 Euros including shipping, thanks to Nachtkatze with the wonderful tip for her polish supplier!


Little Miss Phantasm said...

Awesome! I just bought a spider print from the Eerie Alley fabric collection. Have you seen the hearse print? It's so cute! I look forward to seeing your quilt, I love Halloween <3

MindLess said...

@ little Miss Phantasm: Yes I did, but I simply bought a package. Otherwise there would be more of the spider prints! And I'm also very interested if I get it done now... Somehow I freak out in the prospect of handquilting!