Friday, November 30, 2012

Week in Review 49/2012


Rage agianst "Satelite"- Just because its a good song!

Again nothing fun. Guess how tough work is right now?

Chili sin carne. My Birthday food!

Sloooooooooowly... Very, very sloooooooooowly...

Still the coat. Grr!

Color by COLOURlovers

...of the week!

Fabric balance sheet 11/2012

Can you believe I really made 10 of these posts? Yes, me neither! But  the year is almost over and I participated every month. Kind of gives me a good feeling that I keep a log at hand of how much I bought and how much I sewed. Also, I think that keeping an eye on my stash worked very well. At least it didn't explode, but rather shrunk a bit. Let's what I can do until the end of the year!

  • 3m Halloween fabrics (13 fat quarters)
  • 2m black wool fabric
  • 2m stretchy black spandex
total damage: 7 m fabric

Outgoing (only counting finished projects):
  • 2m stretchy pin stripe - fishtail
  • 2.5m black wool - coat
  • 2m thin pink leopard jersey - coat
  • 2m cotton flannel - coat
to the rescue: 8.5m fabric

7m - 8.5m =  1.5m fabric reduced from my stash this month

Unbelievable! I reduced even further! I'll have to say that I had some days off which allowed for more sewing. But on the other hand I had no sewing date this month which usually really help with productivity. I also did more sewing on projects which are not fully finished and can therefor not be included into the statistics...

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Teal turtleneck shirt

I'm still trying to get rid of the masses of fabric I bought in October and November. This was another quick project were I copied the pattern from an existing and good fitting shirt I bought years ago at H&M. I cut the teal jersey from Oberhausen, made some quick seams with the serger and voilà:

Doing this project I once again realised how much I need a new sewing machine. My current one is nice (an old Singer which sews through 5 layers of denim without complaints), but she grows a bit old now. She doesn't zig zag anymore and repairing the mechanics was estimated to cost at least 150 Euro. I will invest my Christmas Money into a new sewing machine (probably a brother Innov-is30 or Bernina Bernette 25)...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Go party like it's my Birthday!

... we gonna sip Bacardi like it's my Birthday... *sing*

Yesterday I celebrated my 28th Birthday! I had some family over and had a lot of fun playing Decent and eating Chili sin Carne plus some cake and sweets.


And the best of all boyfriends made me a wonderful gift:

I love Lego and was known for stealing all the Lego presents my brother got to build them up for the first time. Deflowering of Lego is something really special, so many a Christmas eve was spent with me building castles and robots with my brother sitting besides me and crying... *oops* Yesterday I built the car together with my boyfriend and had a lot of fun... I hereby apologize to my dear brother and will gift him some Lego for his Birthday to build up on his own!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Week in Review 48/2012


Fettes Brot "Jein"- A song about being torn between two options. Which I kind of am right now...

Nothing. Happens rarely, but I read nothing for fun, only work stuff.

Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeese. Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese! ^^

Hopefully this next round is more successful!

Still the coat, the quilt and two pillows.

Vector Patterns by COLOURlovers

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

WGT 2013 - 7 sins Gluttony

This year for WGT, I'll do something different. I agreed already this year, that I would participate in a group outfit. On Saturday, we will visit the Natron and Soda Community picknick dressed as the biblical seven sins (or at least our interpretation of this topic).When we talked about this topic, the first thought I had in mind was that a modern interpretation of Marie Antoinette's saying "Let them eat cake!" and her bourgeoisie life style would make a great interpretation of Gluttony. Another thing that instantly came to my mind was cake, especially Black Forrest cake with the traditional gothy colour combination of black, red and white I was actually the first to claim a sin for herself - wow, that makes me sound evil, right? - and here is my first sketch:

You might have noticed by now that I can't draw for the sake of my life. The Robe a la francaise I used to copy from was in the book "Patterns of fashion" by Janet Arnold which is a great resource for historical sewing and heartily recommended! I morphed together several patterns until I liked the style and added some details myself... In the beginning I though about doing a Robe Anglaise without the Watteu plaits in the back, but came back to them after I checked Marie Antoinettes style. Plus, I could always cut them out when I don't like them on me, anyway.
The fabrics will be red and black taffeta, with white satin trim (as seen in the Internet shopping haul) and white lace sleeves. I will use the red diamond buttons as a sort of cherries in the Black Forrest dress. The corset cover will be trimmed with red glittery stones of several sizes for the "cherry filling". On my head I will wear a wig (probably with wire mesh underneath for stability?) with cakes and sweets. Artificial ones, of course! On the other hand, real cakes (from Leysieffer, yummi!) would make the outfit fit the theme even more! ^^

made by the wonderful Steelrose

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Halloween quilt - Design

Since I posted the original design, more than a year passed. And while I still like my old design, I had some doubts. And the doubts increased, the more I looked at it. I did buy more different patterns and somehow I wanted to integrate them all into the quilt. But making more squares would make the whole quilt much busier, which I didn't like. So I was back to square one (or lets say, square 1/2 because I already have the fabrics)...

I searched the Internet for quilt inspiration and stumbled upon zig zag quilts. Actually, this was my inspiration:

Another short search and I found a PDF which explains how to do this kind of quilts. While they use jelly rolls (precut fabric strips) I bought fat quarters. But cutting them is the least of my problems! I have 13 fat quarters and plenty of black fabric at hand, but I still need batting (the fluffy filling) and backing (the fabric at the back of the quilt). See how I used real quilters vocabulary as if I knew what I was talking about? I'm cool like that!
A bit problematic is that I will have to piece the backing because the quilt will be about 2mx1.75m and I didn't find comfortable fabrics with that width. Mostly upholstery fabric which is way to scratchy! For batting I will use fleece blankets from KIK (2 of them cost roughly 8 Euros) and I even thought about using them as backing and not using batting at all. Anyone with quilting experience reading my blog and advising me on this?

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Vegan week - Day 7

Final day! And I have to admit, I'm sort of happy it is over...
Day seven: Are you going to continue on this? How are you feeling after 7 days as a vegan?
Again, I'm feeling a bit repetitive, but I will not be going full on vegan. At least at this point in life, I do not feel happy with the choice of committing to a plant restricted diet. I also have to say, I don't feel any different. I may have felt a bit more bloated after the chili sin carne, but that is up to the beans and probably not a vegan super power! ^^

I didn't eat healthier. I didn't loose weight. I had to check up the labels a bit more, but I guess after time you know what you can eat and what not (was the same when I stopped eating meat). But I do miss Parmesan on my pasta - the full on delicacy of high doses of glutamate! I do miss my morning hot chocolate - even if I surely would have found a substitute if I only looked hard enough. I miss omelets - which surely could be reproduced with vegan methods, but why not eat the original when you are craving it?

And this is something that I learned. I will eat what I want. Because I want it. If I wanted to eat meat, I would do it. If I yearn for almond milk, I will drink it. If I want to eat tofu, I will. I will listen to my body. And eat whatever I like, no matter if it is vegan, vegetarian or pescetarian. And if I ever happen to miss meat, I might even eat that. Vegans might make the world better, but that doesn't mean that I am a worse person. I eat eggs from free ranging chickens, I drink milk mostly organic and try to buy Demeter or Bioland as much as possible. I'm currently not feeling "bad" enough about my life style to change it.


Cerials with almond milk


Chocolate bars (finally the last pieces! ^^)

vegetable curry with zucchini, banana, bell pepper

Gewinspiel - 500 Euro bei

-sorry, German only-

Ich bin auf dem Blog von Goldkind über ein Gewinnspiel zum Thema "Schmuck und Uhren" gestolpert. verlost 500 Euro Gutscheine für ihr eigenes Sortiment und gibt jedem Blogger noch eine Glossybox dazu.

Als Frage soll man ein wenig darüber erzählen, welches Schmuckstück man niemals hergeben würde und dann aus dem Sortiment von Faszinata ein Schmuckstück aussuchen... Im Moment bin ich immer noch ziemlich begeistert von meinen Katzenskull-Schmuckstücken von "The Rogue and the Wolf ", die ich vor zwei Wochen hier auf dem Blog vorgestellt habe. Sie sind individuell, gut zu tragen und wunderschön!

Faszinata bietet echt eine riesige Auswahl von Uhren und Schmuck. Ich trage selten Uhren, aber ich würde mir gerne mal wieder eine für den Alltag zulegen.

Diese Titan- Damenuhr gefällt mir, weil sie schlicht ist und hoffentlich auch den Laboralltag überlebt

Ich liebe graue Perlen und hier gefällt mir besonders der Regenbogenschimmer!

Bei diesem Ring mag ich die Zusammenstellung aus ungewöhnlichen Materialien. Holz, Rotgold und Amethyst...
Ich würde mich wirklich freuen zu gewinnen, vielleicht kann ich ja auch noch ein paar Weihnachtsgeschenke von dem Gutschein besorgen? Neben einer Kleinigkeit für mich, natürlich! ^^

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Vegan week - Day 6

Only two more days to go...
Day six: Have you been vegan or vegetarian, if so why?
I don't eat meat, but I eat fish so I don't count as a real vegetarian. Why I still eat fish is an easy and complicated thing at the same time. Easy because I think that every one can decide themselves what they want to eat and if this includes fish, strawberries or milk is no one else's business.
On the other hand I often get asked why I make and exception for fish. It's because I don't want to eat intelligent animals and fish (at least the ones I eat) lack the ability of leaning and long term memory. If I needed to defend my believes (which I did quite some times in the past), I would argument with scientific studies which prove that goldfish have limited ability to remember anything longer than a few minutes. Sharks or octopi who can learn and remember for longer time spans than days are not on my menu.

Another thing I have to admit is that I would indeed eat animals if civilisation broke down and I would have to gather/hunt my own food. Two reasons: There are much more poisonous plants in Germany than animals. And you can find animals year round, which is not true for edible plants. If you wonder about this excursion into possible zombie apocalypse/war scenario, you actually get asked about this once you mention you don't eat meat.

Strangely, many people seem to have problems with herbivores (either vegetarians or vegans). Maybe this is because of encounters with preaching herbivores in the past, I don't know. Maybe this is because of a bad conscience for the animals. Actually, I don't care. I don't preach my lifestyle. I don't mind what you eat. If this involves animals, I'm fine with that. Unless you try to force me to eat meat, you will hardly notice that I don't eat it. It actually took my colleagues several days to notice. To each his own! 


Rye bread with vegan spread

leftover oven veggies and potatoes

Chocolate bars
Haribo Pasta
Pombär (Potato snack, I was actually surprised it was vegan!)

Pasta Napoli (I was roleplaying this Saturday, so I had to eat what they offered! ^^)

Zombie Saturday - zombified logos

Friday, November 16, 2012

Vegan week - Day 5

I think I already answered question number five in my posts:
  1. Day five: Do you think you could be vegan forever?
 No. As much as I like the idea of causing less harm to animals, I prefer eating more natural to eating artificial products. Let me explain: I do not think that eating "cheese" made from cashews is necessary good for you, especially when some corporation made this "cheese" and had to include storing agents to sell this in stores. Of course you could make the "cheese" yourself, but this takes a lot of effort, time and money. I'm not poor, but I value the little free time besides my PhD thesis too much to spend it making nut butters, cashew cheese or vegan milks. I appreciate all the people who do take this effort. I bow to their dedication. But I would not be happy with this lifestyle.

As *Wollmaus* posted yesterday, I prefer to eat "real food". I usually cook from scratch, I use natural and mostly seasonal ingredients. I buy eggs from free ranging chicken and organic milk. I try to coax my boyfriend into buying organic meat, but admittedly not always succeed. This doesn't mean I deprive myself from eating out. Or that I will never eat fabricated food (like cookies from Bahlsen or Leipniz), or refrain from stuff other people cook with non-organic ingredients. But I do my best on the stuff where I can change things and express my opinion for sellers and producers.


full wheat and rye bread
vegan spread with tomato and garlic (Zwergenstreich)
bell pepper

Vanilla pudding with almond milk


baked vegetables and potatos with Hummus

Buying stuff on the internet!

It seems like money is burning a hole in my pockets. I spent a lot of money on Internet shopping, because I seem to find great deals on stuff I need/think I need recently. I bought some sportswear - because the sweat wicking fabrics are damn expensive - and some iron fist shirts - because I bought 2 for 30 Euro which is a steal when they are usually at least twice as much! But since I want to keep my fabric and sewing notions here on my blog, I will only show you the stuff I bought for sewing:

Do you remember my idea about quilting and the sketch I presented *cough* a year ago?  I finally found a great deal on the fabrics, or lets say Halloween quilting fabrics, without incredible shipping costs. So I bought 13 fat quarters for 27 Euro including shipping. The fabrics are from the "Eerie Alley" and "Trick or treat" collections from Moda last year. I love the designs and will start sewing the quilt soon (I really plan to be finished this year). As I will have fabrics left over, I will make some Christmas gifts fro my friends from them.

And it is finally time to start with the WGT sewing for next year! Next week I will present my sketches - which will be horrible as always -, but I already bought some of the notions I will need. Next month I will buy the fabrics for the first outfit and sew! I will need the white ruffle (30m) and the red glittery buttons (25) for this.
Plus I got some jacket zips and silver satin piping. The skull rivets were a gift I got with my order. In total I paid 50 Euros including shipping, thanks to Nachtkatze with the wonderful tip for her polish supplier!

Week in Review 47/2012


Adele "Skyfall" - Saw the movie on Tuesday and like that turn back to the original James Bond movies. Less action, more style!

Matt Ruff's "Fool on the Hill" was really good. I love the way he starts out pretty normal and introduces more and more strange story threads (talking animals, magic, Bohemians) only to intertwine them and make a huge grand final plot line that nobody would have expected in the beginning. Not an easy read, but heartily recommended.

This week was vegan week as you might have noticed. And since you know what I ate and my thoughts about this, I'll keep this short. Yummi!

Back to square one. Routines, here I come!

A coat, a quilt, some shirts and Christmas presents.

Vector Patterns by COLOURlovers

...of the week!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Vegan week - Day 4

Another day, another topic:
Day four: Do you miss meat/fish/dairy/eggs?
Yes, I do. As I said in the beginning, I like the easy option of roasting some veggies, adding an egg and be set for dinner. But I will in future continue to try vegan recipes and integrate them into my diet...

I especially have troubles eating enough protein. I already had problems before this challenge and it has not stopped. I'm not so keen on beans, so legumes are kind of hard for me to use as a protein source. It's not only a taste but also a consistency problem. They are so squishy-dry-floury, urgh!

I try to get along with full wheat products which not only make you feel less hungry (since the body takes longer to digest complex carbs), but also include a surprisingly large amount of protein! And they don't taste so much different. Especially if you add a sauce with some flavour like garlic!

The other option of using meat-like substances is a bit problematic in my eyes. I prefer to eat as natural as possible and if you need to make chemical changes to a natural substance to make it look like-taste like-feel like meat, I'm not so sure if I want to eat it. Did you know that Valess Schnitzel contain paste to glue wallpapers to walls? And I'm confident in the E numbers added to mock duck as well...

All in all, I still think vegan is a good thing to do. But I will probably go back to my old diet once the challenge is over...


Rye bread with vegan spread

McDonalds fries (sorry, we were in the Netherlands and I had troubles finding something vegan)


Chili sin Carne

Burda Style 12/2012

Is this month over already? Time really seems to fly this year and I have yet to find an issue of Burda I actually buy... Thank goth that Neisella  is a regular subscriber so I can ask her for any pattern I really need and deem not worth 4.5 Euros...
But back on topic. I'm actually looking forward to Dezember's issue since it usually contains patterns for festive dresses, coats and underwear. But this time there were no dessous? Burda, what happened? I was looking forward to buy this issue and compare it to the pattern I got from Mademoiselle Chaos... And now Burda disappoints me yet again...

The pattern I like third best this issue was a shift dress with long sleeves. It is kind of hard to see in this picture, but the darts on the bodice are very interesting and a calmer fabric would really show them off! What I also like about the pattern is that the neckline is work appropriate and the 3/4 sleeves are flattering on almsot everyone and keep you warm in winter.
And now on to my favourites which - again no surpises- are a jacket and a coat. The jacket is a fresh and young take on cooked wool fabric which tend to look "selfmade" (in a bad way, like Mommy made this for her little dolly) or "alternative" (like this 60something ladies that only wear Gudrun Sjöden). While these can look great, this pattern makes me want to wear a woolen jacket. I also saw the perfect fabric for this one two weeks ago on the fabric market. Too bad I didn't know about this pattern and didn't buy any because I had no idea what to do with it...
The pattern I liked best in this issue is a gorgeous woolen coat with a strong military inspiration. I love that it is double breasted but with only one row of buttons. It is a very pure design, so it probably fits most outfit styles, but doesn't look boring because of the asymmetry. Winner!

While the most obvious critique I have for Burda is the lack of dessous pattern (seriously, I was that dissapointed!), I also found some patterns I didn't like. They were not nearly as hideous and unflattering as those in the last few issues, but still noteworthy!
The thris worst pattern was for a dress made from sequined fabric. This alone seldom looks good, but the dress also contains a deep neckline (which Burda always does, maybe their target group is not housewife but hookers?)  and long sleeves which are horribly scratchy with sequined fabric.
Tzhe second worst is a jacket pattern which lacks any definition. There is no shaping for waistline or bust, so this looks good onl on very skinny women when worn open.
The worst pattern in my eyes is the vest pattern in the middle. Again, no shaping whatsoever. While I like the nod to the taille patterns of the victorian time by including a fake vest ending, it looks rather lost on this pattern. Plus, the colour is horrible...

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Vegan week- Day 3

The next question for the vegan week challenge is
Day three: What’s your parent’s/friend’s opinion on this challenge?
My parents don't know about it, but I will phone them during the week (hint: I live on my own) and the topic might come up. I don't think they will be especially interested in it, my brother once went vegan for 2 months and I don't visit them so they don't have to buy/cook special stuff for me.

My friends support me, but they always do. Some are vegans, some eat meat. Some have specific intolerance. Doesn't matter, when we gather we usually bring food and ask for problematic stuff first!

My colleagues already think I'm strange, so adding another spleen to my personality didn't make them too annoyed. I was just a bit sad as my colleague brought cheesecake to work yesterday and I couldn't try it. I know her cake is always great and I hope I didn't offend her when I nibbled on Manner waffles instead...

My boyfriend also participated in the challenge. This might be no surprise since we cook together every night. He is too lazy to cook for himself, so he eats the vegan stuff we prepare together in the evening. But he still eats omnivorous during the day. And his Bratkartoffeln yesterday were with eggs and bacon, as I later found out!

Trisha commented yesterday that I should not be to strict about veganism and cut me some slack with my shampoo. If I would turn my life around and live mostly vegan from now on, I would agree. No one should punish himself about food. Even as a vegetarian, when I ate meat out of mistake (didn't know it was in the food or was informed wrongly), I just spit it out discretely and ate something else. I'm not crying about spilled milk!
But since this is a short term experiment, I want to go all the way. No half arsed stuff! I even checked my makeup and found out that two of my eye shadows contain fish scales (WTF?!), so I'm not using those. And I don't feel deprived even with those strict rules. It is an experiment, I'm curious how I will feel in the end. And any superpowers (Link for the non-Nerds that do not know what I'm talking about) are very welcome!


Bratkartoffeln (hash browns, but with potato slices) - skipped Breakfast and started with lunch! Got up at 11am, since I don't have to work today!

Chocolate bars (German recipe here)

dark chocolate

Spagghetti Napoli

Pinstripe fishtail

My friend *wollmaus* not only provides me with wonderful buttons, she also gave me some fabrics when she pared down her stash. So when she handed me some stretchy polyester fabric with pinstripes (that slightly glitter which is why she didn't use it herself), I gladly took it home! It was about 2m and I was a bit torn between making a skirt or trousers...

In the end I decided to do a fishtail because I find pinstripe fishtails amazingly goth, but also business-y with a sprinkle of Mafia! ^^ The pattern is any-pencil skirtTM (use whichever one you have at home and that fits) and because of the lot of stretch in the fabric I could leave out the width increase for walking usually added by a godet or slit.
Then I cut the rest of the fabric into a strip reaching from the lower end of the skirt to the floor (of course with hem allowance). I used two full widths of the fabric, so my hem is 3m. I rushed them, added them to the pencil skirt part, hemmed and - viola:

I already wore this when I visited Nachtkatze (who makes the most amazing robes, check out her blog!) and she liked it, too!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Vegan week - Day 2

Today topic is
Day two: Post a picture of today’s breakfast
I have to admit, as much as I vary the foods I eat, I'm a routine breakfast eater.  Usually, I made a big cup of hot chocolate and ate some fruit once I arrive at work. On the weekends I either do the same, eat a big breakfast with scrambled egg together with the BF or skip breakfast and start the day with lunch. The last option often applies when I was out partying and slept until 1pm or later. One might say I do not skip breakfast but just eat my lunch as breakfast...

This week my breakfast will probably contain of the bread I mentioned yesterday or a hot chocolate when I find out how to make it with almond milk without being too sweet. Plus some fruits which keep my stomach from growling until 12am.

Another thing I noticed is that vegans really need to watch their stuff. When we went shopping for this week on Friday, we needed toothpaste. Did you know that they sell toothpaste with pearls in them? Like real pearls from clams? I didn't. I also checked my shampoo and soap, I have one each that I can use because they are vegan. I usually use a shampoo with lanolin that helps against my dry and itchy scalp but contains lanolin which is an animal product (sheep wool fat). I had to omit my iron supplements because the tablet contains lactose. The chips we wanted to buy contain dried milk powder. Why this is necessary is beyond me... Vegan life style - depending on how strict you are of course!- takes a lot of effort. Especially since there is no consistent labeling. The peanut flips we ended up buying were vegan. Without a special label.


full wheat and rye bread
vegan spread with tomato and garlic (Zwergenstreich)

Chickpea soup

Cucumber salad
zwieback (Alnatura)

Popcorn (we are heading to watch Skyfall)
Fries and apple danish from McDonalds (we didn't have much time between work and Skyfall ;) )

Twilight nail polishes - I swear I only like the colours!

Last week while I was shopping for groceries and some shampoo, I stumbled upon a new display in dm. It contained a lot of pretty make up, overshadowed by the horrible pictures of the main characters of the twilight movies. I don't like the books and never watched the movies - actually I only read the first 3 pages and decided that the story is just too anti-feminist and stupid for me.

I still bought three of the four available nail polishes:

They are all black based and have either purple, silver and blue glitter in them. And while I hate the twilight print, I really like the polishes. And when I wear them on the nail, no one will know!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Vegan week - Day 1

Today's question was this:
Day one: Write how you feel about starting this challenge, is it hard? Do you think you can make it? Tag it under #Fitblronveganweek
I think it is hard and not hard at the same time. I eat vegetarian/pescetarian diet anyway, so I do not rely much on animal protein anyway. I think it is harder for omnivores since they have to cut out meat of the diet and have not yet learned how to cook other stuff. Actually, I'm using vegan recipes I cook anyway this week, I just use them all together in one week...

On the other hand, I will miss my morning hot chocolate (since the plant milks are to sweet to use my usual hot chocolate powder), cheese - OMG I love cheese!- and eggs. It is oh so easy to come home after a long day of work and visiting the gym and instead of "real cooking" just put some veggies in a pan and add an egg for protein. Not much thinking and the protein (something my diet often lacks) is good for me! This week will consist of "real cooking" which actually is not much harder (and often takes about the same time) but is mentally more challenging. Maybe this is something I should work on?!

All in all I think I will make it. Actually, I'm not that afraid. I'm rather interested how the boyfriend makes it?!

In the light of the challenge, I will also post what I eat. The first two days I'm working and have to rely on the Mensa to feed me vegan - which they do recently, at least the veggies and carbs are mostly vegan, if not one of the main courses as well-, from Wednesday on I will be at home and relaxing.


full wheat and rye bread
vegan spread with tomato and garlic (Zwergenstreich)

Thai curry with Basmati rice (today was a good vegan Mensa day!)
Chocolate cookie (from a vegan co-worker)


vegan burgers - we were trying two new varieties, the "Seitansbraten" is great!

Selfmade party outfit - Steampunk? Maybe!

On Friday I had an urgent case of dancing bees in my butt. My BF is currently out of order (he has problems with his ankle and is not allowed to walk/dance/jump for 6 weeks), I asked Neisella to go out with me. We went to the Matrix - do I sound a bit boring if I'm always visiting the same place?- and had a nice party night out!

Again, I wore stuff I made myself. Honestly, most of the stuff I wear for dark parties was made by yours truly! This time, I wore the bat overskirt, a bought corset and the steampunk jacket from Simplicity 2172:

The BF bought a new DSLR camera and was  more happy than usual to take outfit pictures. While I usually have to coax him and ask for at least 10 times to make a decent pic, this time I had to talk him out of taking more and more pictures!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday cake - Waffles

Before going vegan for the next week, I had to use up the milk and eggs we still had in the fridge. A simple recipe with eggs, milk and butter... Which also is transportable to yet another sewing date with Neisella... And Nachtkatze last week talked about making waffles - waffles would be a great idea!

I made them yesterday night with the old seventies waffle iron my mum handed to me after she bought a new one. The were really good yesterday. And today, I just pop them in the toaster for some seconds and viola - as good as new!

The waffle recipe:
125g butter
3 tablespoons sugar
2 eggs
1/2 package of backing powder
250g flour
enough water (for crispier waffles) or milk (for softer waffles) to make the dough creamy - not liquid!

Put 3 tablespoons of dough in a buttered waffle iron and bake until golden. Enjoy!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Zombie Saturday - Zombitios art by TmoeGee

Found this cool artist on Deviant art and would like to share his work! Visit his Deviant art here! Or you could go to his blog and check his 365 Zombies (plus a neat bonus zombie story)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Vegan week challenge (or is it?)

Around me, many people have recently tried to be vegan, if not for ever then at least for an elongated period of time. I still eat the same pescetarian diet (which means I eat like a vegetarian but additionally fish), but I got curios. What about those vegan superpowers? Does it really make me fitter? Is it at all possible to eat vegan, but include enough protein - which I have troubles with even now?

The last straw was an announcement on a tumblr I read, which asked to participate in "Vegan Week" which is supposed to be from November  12th to 18th. And I thought - Why not? I will try this and talk about my experiences. The challenge involves the following questions and I will do it here since I have no tumblr...

Vegan Week
  1. Day one: Write how you feel about starting this challenge, is it hard? Do you think you can make it? Tag it under #Fitblronveganweek
  2. Day two: Post a picture of today’s breakfast.
  3. Day three: What’s your parent’s/friend’s opinion on this challenge?
  4. Day four: Do you miss meat/fish/dairy/eggs? 
  5. Day five: Do you think you could be vegan forever?
  6. Day six: Have you been vegan or vegetarian, if so why?
  7. Day seven: Are you going to continue on this? How are you feeling after 7 days as a vegan? 
Does anyone else want to participate? I also will posts these in addition to my normal sewing/life related posts, so never mind if you have no interest whatsoever in what I eat...

Week in Review 46/2012


Zumba "El amor, el amor" - Because it makes my booty shakin' ^^

Finally, I finished "Mordshunger" (= Hungry for Murder) by Frank Schätzing. Still the same opinion: Book was okay, but his later books are much better... I now started Matt Ruff's "Fool on the Hill" which I borrowed from *wollmaus* quite some time ago. I did find the beginning kind of bland, but soon the story picks up pace. I think I will finish this one until Sunday!

I now put effort into really eating the stuff we planned again, since we kind of fell of that wagon. This week we had omelet (with tomato, bell pepper, onion and feta), salmon with rice and veggies, pasta Napoli... Boring but tasty!

I need to find my focus again. It is so much easier living with routines, why do i constantly try to break out from them?!

Well, to not totally ruin my fabric balance of getting rid of fabric instead of accumulating it, I already sewed stuff from 1/3 of the fabrics I bought! Some shirts, a dress, a skirt and a pillow case... Sewing mojo, I love you! Please stay with me for a bit!

Vector Patterns by COLOURlovers

...of the week!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Grey cardigan with mother of pearl buttons

The other grey wooly farbic I got in Oberhausen was turned into yet another pattern from the Ottobre issue:

I used the pattern number four and used the grey woolly knit instead of the recommended lace fabric from Ottobre. I also added some closure for the front because I hate warm cardigans that are open in front. Why keep the back warm and let the front freeze? The mother of pearl buttons I used were a gift from *wollmaus* some while ago. This was what came out

Button closure with organdy ribbon

the cardigan can still be worn open

I added pockets. You can never have enough pockets!

View inside. I attached the pockets by some hand stitches.