Monday, October 22, 2012

Ugly fabric SWAP II- the result

You probably remember the second ugly fabric SWAP I participated in July (here is a link to the original post)? I already showed you that I used some of that fabric for the medieval wedding outfit in the teaser here. But since I dyed the fabric for the party dress, I thought that this was not sufficient to really participate in the SWAP meeting because the rules state:
  1. The ugly fabric has to be used for a wearable garment.
  2. It has to be the outer fabric, not hidden as a lining.
  3. The next time we meet, you have to come in the garment made from the ugly fabric. And we meet publicly!
So I just had to sew another garment, because the pure ugliness of the fabric had to be shown to the public. I decided to use a pattern form the current issue of Ottobre,  a cozy wrap from pattern 2:

Well, since this was designed for a stretchy fabric, I decided to wing it and just add 1cm to the seams. You can see in the back view that this somewhat backfired; the wrap is indeed cozy, but I can't move my arms much! ^^ And I used a lining because the fabric doesn't like any stress on the seams and is a bit scratchy. Can you imagine that I had a matching lining colour? I bought it in a huge package of lining leftovers from Ebay some while ago!

Another problem was that my mum decided to celebrate her birthday on the exact date of the remeeting. I took it upon myself to wear the wrap at the birthday party and even received some compliments on it. I'm very much looking forward to see the other results, although I was not there yesterday. Sorry, girls!

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