Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tshirt evolution 1

With Halloween come Halloween decoration, sweets and costumes. This year I bought two shirts from Primark which I intended to modify and wear for the gym. The first shirt is here:

On the back it is still a normal shirt (but the front print is rather cute, no? It's from this years Halloween collection from Primark!. But I used the tutorial on this site for a ribcage shirt and modified it into something more airy for sports... My strips of fabric are a bit smaller (about 1inch = 2cm thick), but otherwise I like the tutorial a lot. I actually was too lazy to do the last step of weaving, but I really like the look as is. And I can still weave the fabric strips whenever I want, this is no big deal to do.

And this is the final result. How do you like it?


Wollmaus said...

Wuhu, sehr schick! Und das zweite trägst du so zum Sport? O_o ich müsste dich die ganze Zeit anstarren...sooo cool.

MindLess said...

Das ist ein und dasselbe Shirt! ^^ Und ja, wieso nicht? Ich hab doch noch nen SportBH drunter und hinten gibt es nicht viel zu sehen. Und es ist super luftig!