Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday cake - vegan cherry brownies

I'm sorry for being late, but I'm even more sorry for taking this horrible picture which does nowhere near enough to promote this brownies:

Please don't judge them by my horrible picture! Make them yoursel, at home, while noboby is watching, because you probabaly don't want to share them with other people. Here is the German recipe, you will not regret!


Zebrafinki said...

Hey, I made these brownies, too!
Deeeeeelicious! *omnomnom*

MindLess said...

Who could resist them?! ^^

Trisha said...

da hab ich ja was angerichtet xD

aber sie sind so gut, oder??

MindLess said...

Ja! Und seit ich sie zur ARbeit mitgebracht habe, haben auch alle meine Kollegen das Rezept... Vegan Kirschbrownies take over the world!