Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Souvenir jewelry making

I think I have mentioned it quite some time on my blog now, but this years holiday was spent in Helsinki, Finland. I fell in love with the city and the nice people living there, so I might come back more sooner than later... Anyway, I try to not accumulate a lot of stuff and this includes souvenirs. So some years ago I made a habbit out of bringing jewelry from trips because it is small and can be stored well, but it is also something beautiful which reminds me of the trips I took and the fun I had there. Plus, I feel pretty when I wear it, so it's a win-win-win situation!
Unfortunately, the trip this year was rather expensive and when it came to buying jewelry, I tend to have an expensive taste. This time I wanted to bring something home which represents Finland, and had the choice between amber and spectrolite. I love green amber, but somehow I always associate it with Russia (maybe because of the famous amber room?), so I went for spectrolite. And because I'm cheap, I bought some slices and wanted to make the earrings myself!

The supplies I needed:Qucik setting glue, earrings studs, spectrolite slices (in the paper bag)

These are the slices, but unfortunately the pictures doesn't do those beauties justice. On the picture below you can see the multicolour sheen in the big one:

In this picture I just glued the back of the studs to the smaller slices of spectrolite. Easy-peasy, and saved me about 15 Euros! ^^ I was still indecisive what to do with the bigger slice, so I glued it to a cameo. I might want to set it in a different one, but it can be easily removed...


Wollmaus said...

Das ist so eine tolle Idee, Schmuck als Souvenir mitzubringen! Und der Spectrolite ist wunderschön. "Normaler" Labradorit haut mich ja schon um, aber das da setzt echt noch einen drauf.

Ich habe mir aus diesem Urlaub Wolle als Souvenir mitgebracht.

MindLess said...

Ja, nicht wahr? Und jedes Mal wenn ich die Ohrringe auspacke, denke ich an den Urlaub zurück und bin wieder glücklich! ^^

Wolle (oder andere Sachen zum Weiterverarbeiten) ist natürlich auch gut. Aber ich habe in Helsinki kein einziges Wollgeschäft gesehen. Halt, stimmt nicht: Auf dem Markt war ein Stand. Aber ich strick ja nicht, also kein gutes Souvenir! ;)