Thursday, October 4, 2012

Medieval marriage - part 2

You might still remember the medieval under dress I sewed in August (wow, was it really that long ago?) which I wanted to wear to a wedding in October?

Well, braise yourselves, October has come and the wedding is close. In fact, it is this Saturday. So it was really urgent to sew further. I used the fabric from the ugly fabric swap, but decided to dye it zinnober red. Turns out that this dye turns rather pinkish, but at least it looks better than before:

I found this dress rather boring, so now I'm working on some embroidery around the neck. Let's see if I can finish it in time!


Neise||a said...

Häng dich rein Puppe ;-) Du schaffst das!

MindLess said...

Siehst du dann ja heute... ^^