Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween costume 2012

Since we will participate in the zombie walk in Essen tonight, we had to do zombie costumes for this halloween. And while we were discussing which kind of zombies we wanted to be we came up with some solutions:
  1. Resident evil zombies (either normal, special like the mutated animals or from umbrella corporation)
  2. Star Trek Zombies
  3. Walking Dead Zombies
We both had lab coats around, so we decided to do umbrella researchers which have been unfortunately infected with the T-virus they tried to analyze. To make this kind of obvious, we wanted to make T-virus vials, Umbrella corp. logos for the lab coats and name signs.
The logos were done with fabric paint on some white scrubs I had. The letters are printed on iron on foil which I also had (didn't even remember ^^) and ironed on. 

While I was at it, I decided for some gruelling wounds and painted some ribs and flesh on another piece of white fabric:

The patches were than attached to the lab coats and viola, the main part of the costume was already done!

The name tags were printed on paper and inserted in some of the many name tags I recieved from conferences. I found the background by a quick google picture search and added the pictures and description:

anonymized with a pencil. I have no photoshop skills whatsoever!
The T-virus vials were also pretty easy: I had some plastic tubes from cake decorations and bought pipe cleaners in neon green. They were twisted into helices (any biologist knows how to replicate DNA ;) ) and inserted with a tight fit. The caps were made from air dry plaster and painted with silver paint. All in all took 30 minutes of work and 1 day drying time each for plaster and paint:

Maybe I will add some pictures in full zombie face later...


Neise||a said...

wie geil das einfach jetzt schon aussieht!! Ich freu mich soooo auf eure Kostüme!

MindLess said...

Danke! Und der Abend wart ganz nett, auch wenn die Party eher mässig war!

Wollmaus said...

Yeaaaaah, so cool! Ich muss ja zu meiner unendlichen Schande gestehen, dass ich erst neulich die Resident Evil-Filme genossen habe, aber besser spät als nie, hm?!
Ich mag vor allem die T-Virus-Gläser.

MindLess said...

Danke, ich muss noch die Bilder mit Blut und Zombie-Gesicht hinzufügen...

Die Resident evil Filme finde ich eigentlich ganz gut, wobei sie wie jeden Serie nach und nach schwächer werden. Aber ich mag Alice und die Zombiegeschichte ist auch einigermassen realistisch. Und das T-virus basteln war echt lustig!

ette said...

Eine tolle Idee, die Zombies zu definieren und nicht einfach nur als Zombie zu gehe, Zombie 2.0 quasi. Ich bin gespannt auf Gesamtfotos.
Vor allem die ganzen Einzelheiten finde ich sehr gelungen, den Badge, das Virus, seeeehr cool.