Monday, October 29, 2012

Fabric haul - Fabric market Oberhausen

Yesterday, I was at the fabric market in Oberhausen. Since I missed the market in Dortmund which many friends attended, I took my chance with the last market nearby. And boy, was I lucky! I can't remember the last time I brought so many preety fabrics home from a farbic market! In total, I bought 8 coupon (which are 1.5x1.5m each):

One coupon of teal guipure lace which I intend to turn into a dress or skirt, I'm not yet sure. Plus some ply wool mix jersey in black.

Thin jersey coupons in black, grey and teal.

Grey rib knit for a comfy shirt/pullover/dress.

 Two grey wooly knits. They look pretty close at least in daylight, but the weave and backsides are rather different...

And since I had some spare time yesterday as well, I already started sewing them into garments!

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