Saturday, September 1, 2012

Zombie Saturday - The Walking Dead

If you have not yet heard of the TV series "The Walking Dead" you must have lived under a rock for the past year (or at least not be a regular visitor of 9gag)! The series is about a cop who got shot right before a zombie apocalypse and sleeps through the major changes in his surroundings in coma. He wakes up to find the hospital deserted and stumbles around looking for help... It's not like we haven't had that beginning before *cough 28dayslater cough*, but the story takes a different turn from that on.

I don't want to spoil too much in case you still want to watch it yourself - and you really should- but rest assured that the series is really good with a nice story, great special effects makeup and even some love story for the girls. Highly recommended!

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Shannon Rutherford said...

Oh, I've watched TWD :D I like it, especially the first episodes of the first season. It has potential, but it's so slow and so many episodes come out to be uneventful :/
Which is funny because in the comic everything happens very fast, it's just action.
I don't really like the comic (stuff happens *too* fast) but I think the tv series needs improvement :/ I know they can do wonders, so why don't they do it :D