Monday, September 3, 2012

Fabric balance sheet 8/2012

Again, I'm quite happy with the amount of sewing happening. While I could always do more, I do have other hobbies besides sewing. I'm currently starting to live my life according to flylady, which really improved the condition of my apartment. I do more sports than ever. I take time of the sewing table to walk around with the boyfriend. So, I regret nothing even if I spent some lazy evenings on the couch!

  • 2.6m red stretchy lace
  • 2m woolen stretch fabric from *Wollmaus*
  • 1.5 m pink flowery jersey from *Wollmaus*
total damage: 6.1 m fabric
Outgoing (only counting finished projects):
  • 2m baroque printed taffeta - skirt
  • 1m baroque printed taffeta - pillow cases
  • 1m baroque printed taffeta - pin board
  • 2.6m red stretchy lace - a dress, a bolero and underpants
  • 1.5m pink flowery jersey from *Wollmaus* - underpants and sportswear  
  • 1m pink stash fabric - sportswear
  • 1m purple lace given as a gift to Trisha
to the rescue: 10.1m fabric

6.1m - 10.1m =  4m fabric reduced from my stash this month

Keeping the stash reduction going! But I will need some of the IKEA fabric for the boyfriend (so he doesn't have to go naked to the medieval marriage in October) and the some more meters will go into historical underwear. Now I only need to get to the sewing machine in the same amount as the last months, which will be hard since I'm on holidays now! But don't be afraid, I have some posts scheduled while I'm away...

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