Monday, September 24, 2012

Burda Style 10/2012

I'm sorry I'm late, but better late than never. Right? So let's jump right in by telling you that the fall and winter Burda issues are usually my favourite ones. Not only do they contain a lot of patterns for jackets and coats - and everyone by now should have noticed how I love sewing jackets and coats- but I do like the colour choices much better around this time, too. But Burda, oh Burda, why have you failed me this time?!

Not one of your over wear patterns excited me! The patterns I liked best were two dresses and a shirt, all grey in grey to fit my depressed mood after seeing such horrible jackets!
I like the faux-wrap shirt pattern because it looks rather comfy and wearable. If you consider sewing it, keep in mind that usually Burda patterns tend to be low in neck and make a muslin first. Wrap closures tend to be even lower cut and you might want to leave some surprises...
The dress on the right was the pattern I liked second best. I like the contrast of the flowy pleated skirt and the straight bodice in this pattern. Also I'd like to thank Burda that they finally figured out that fall and winter are cold and sleeves can (and should) be longer in fall patterns!
My favourite of the bunch was the comfy looking dress in the middle. While I would line it if the fabric is as scratchy as it looks, this drees looks great in the Burda fabric choice. Warm, comfortable, but fancy enough for business outings. Great pattern, though maybe not THAT innovative.
But what about the outerwear? I'm sorry to announce that this isue had the worst jackets and coats I've seen for many Burda issues!
The shoulder wrap in brown (at least faux-) fur is too warm to wear inside, to cold for the outside since the front has no closure and reminds me horribly of my grandma's unstylish girlfriends. At least the faux-fur looks nice...
The pattern on the right might even work if sewn from another fabric and not this donkey blanket, but the hanging shoulders under the wide collar look sad and their is not waistline whatsoever. Burda, adding a belt to your baggy clothes doesn't make a pattern fit!
The only thing that is worse than a baggy fitting blanket coat is a baggy fitting blanket coat with fur applications. Seriously, anyone going for the chest and belly hair look?!

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linnea-maria said...

Ha ha I love your descriptions of the coats! They are so ugly!! At least I know I won't have to bother to buy an issue ;)