Thursday, July 5, 2012

*Wollmaus* fashion

To get back into sewing mode, I did some easy alterations first. Maybe you remember that I received 1.5m of jersey from *wollmaus* last month? This was not exactly fabric, but rather 0.5m of jersey with a wonderful feel and this dress:

Horrible picture, but the dress is really nice!

I feel kind of embarrassed, but the only changes I made were to cut the seam (*wollmaus* thought it looked a bit nightgown-ish, I advised her to sew bias tape to the back of the seam which looked even worse) and take it in at the bust a bit. I didn't even bother to reseam it and wore it today to work.

Two of my colleagues complimented me on it and I felt cool and comfy the whole day. Thanks, *wollmaus*, for this wonderful dress!


Trisha said...

i agree, it doesn't look nightgown-ish at all but very cute :]

Wollmaus said...

It looks really great on you! Much much better than on me. My idea was to add pockets to the outside, do you plan on doing that?

Awwww, cutie!

MindLess said...

@Trisha: Thanks! ^^

@Wollmaus: Thanks as well! Nope, I emmited the pockets because I want to use the leftover jersey for another shirt... Stay tuned!