Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Regency stays

Another foundation garment for regency are the stays. I already said that instead of the more well known short stays I will need long stays to hide my tummy... Again, ordering a pattern would have taken too much time, so I searched all over the internet for a free pattern. And - as the internet never lets you down unless you post drunk or nude pictures of yourself- I got what I needed!

The pattern came with the instructions you see on the page, but actually sewing together 5 pieces of fabric was not much of an act. The only complicated part were the gussets. I had to increase the pattern size a bit, to make it fit my measures. I also added a second bust gusset since my bossom is ample... ;) The final result:

front - yes, I'm a bit more hip-y than my minime

Inserting the busk - a wooden ruler ^^

The hem is closed, on top of the busk two eyelets hold the ruler in

The back - can you imagine that I have no white laces?!
The pattern is historical, the fabric beige cotton weave and white jeans. The metal eyelets are not historical, as well as the added steel boning next to them. Otherwise the stays bunch up uncomfortably at the waist...


linnea-maria said...

It's beautiful! You did a nice job. And thanks for that link :)

Neise||a said...

Sieht fein aus. Die Einsätze scheinen eine richtige tolle Brustform zu geben!

Wollmaus said...

Hahahaha, ein Lineal als Brustverstärkung, was für eine tolle Idee!

MindLess said...

@linnea-maria: Thanks for the compliment! WIll you sew one yourself?

@Neisi: Ja, auch wenn ich sie etwas höher hatte machen können. Allerdings ist der Balkoneffect von damals wohl beabsichtigt...

@Wollmaus: Sonst waren diese Busks handgeschnitzt, am besten vom Liebsten, und parfümiert. Aber das Lineal wurde auf einer Seite empfohlen und ich fand die Idee einfach und gut.