Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Regency - a Reticule

I forgot another important item on the list yesterday: A reticule! regency dresses don't have any pockets and also don't leave much room to integrate some. What were Jane Austen and her lady friends do to? They invented the first ever handbags, of course!

A reticule is a small drawstring bag which can have many forms including round and pineapple shapes. I was going for the easy, rectangular version because I don't have much time to fiddle with a pattern and like clean lines. I will also not add any decorative stitches - by now most of my readers will know just how much I like hand sewing!

I used the same fabrics I will also use for the bonnet; a beige cotton with woven in pattern and a bright turquoise satin:

The pattern was a rectangle cut from both fabrics. Sew in a casing for the drawstring, sew both fabrics together and viola, here you have your first ever reticule:

With pulls closed - I was very happy to find a good matching ribbon

See how good the ribbon and lining match?
Inner pocket is not historically correct, but rather practical

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