Thursday, July 12, 2012

Regency - The petticoat

Another quite simple and necessary item for the full grown regency wardrobe is a petticoat. A lot of  jokes were made about regency dresses being so thin and see through that every breeze revealed enough of the ladies to make the gents blush (Does anyone besides me imagine poor little Edward at night in bed praying for a hefty wind next day when he will meet his crush?! ^^):

In my version I made some decorative tucks, other than that it's a plain rectangle with a drawstring at the waist (somehow this seems THE one pattern everything in regency uses?!). The lace was originally white which looked rather odd with the cream fabric. I tea-dyed it with some Christmas tea (black and green tea leaves with cinnamon), now it looks almost a bit to dark. But it smells heavenly! ^^

I'm still indecisive if I should use cording which was done to increased the width and stability slightly. On the one hand it would be historical and probably help my silhouette lots, but on the other hand it takes a lot of time and no one will see it. Maybe I can do this later?

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