Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Regency dress

After presenting the full outfit yesterday, I thought it might be nice to give a bit more detail for the dress. As I mentioned before somewhere in the comments, the pattern I used for my regency dress is by Burda, pattern number 2493, view B to be exact. I added some width to the back and some length to the sleeves, otherwise I simply followed the instruction of the pattern. As you remember, this is the result (over stays and petticoat):

I know that the pattern is not historical, but I guess I mentioned often enough that I'm going for the general look and not authenticity. I used a period adequate fabric, but chose to sew with a machine (it would have been impossible to sew everything by hand in only two weeks while working full time),  and serge the seams (because hand stitching is the devil and takes forever).

Foundation: Stays and Petticoat

I did the sleeve tunnels for the binding with heart bias tape

Front pic: You can see the drawstrings on the inside. I used self made bias tape for neck and waist

Back pic: The top part is a bit longer here than in front

Close up of the neck rushing


Neise||a said...

Ich weiß, das willst du nicht hören, aber du hast sooo süß in diesem niedlichen Kleid ausgesehen!

MindLess said...

@ Neisi: Wollen wir uns zusammen an die Trauer-Empirekleider wagen? Irgendwie gelüstet es mich ein bisschen danach...