Thursday, June 14, 2012

How to wear a corset - part IV

Let's move on the the fourth part of this mini series. We already learned about the different types of corsets and how to determine the quality of a corset. After all the facts about fitting the corset by just looking at the laces yesterday, let's move on to another part of the corset which might be hard to fit: The chest! Of course, this only applies for over bust corsets, but nevertheless is an important part of the fitting. Nearly every picture take of your face will lead to people looking at your chest or collar bones, so these should look their very best in your corset!
In the picture above you can see my mighty sketching of the perfectly fitting over bust corset (Mad skills, huh?). You can see that the corset encases the bust but doesn't put too much pressure on it. Depending on the amount of tissue you have in the upper bust, you might not have a huge bulge of chest at the hemline, but the tissue should never be squished or hurt. If your corset reaches higher than the one in my sketch, it should have a slight inner curve towards your chest to keep the boobs from jumping out of you corset while walking/dancing/jumping.
If your chest is too big for the corset you will probably experience spilling. This is caused by the excess tissue which is not able to fit into the corset cup and which is hanging over your "natural chest". Sometimes you can have spilling only at the sides (which can be caused by a lesser extinct by large cup sizes as well, but disappears from readjusting the corset), sometimes it covers your whole chest. Not only does this look unappealing, but wearing a too small corset for your chest can hurt your tissue and cause discomfort. If possible, buy the same corset size with a larger cup, otherwise don't buy this corset!
If your chest is too small for the corset, the upper hem of the corset will stick away from your chest a little (upper arrow). Depending how large the difference between chest and corset measurements is, you can also have a little bit of air underneath your boobs (lower arrow). If the overall fit of the corset is well and you don't have the opportunity to buy another cup size, you can fill the lower gap with push up filling to fill in the corset. This one time there is another quite cheap solution other than "not buying"!

While all in all, fitting the chest of an over bust corset might not be as important as fitting the bodice (which might cause discomfort and bruising), it is still an important part for the overall fit.


Wollmaus said...

Sehr gute Beschreibung. Wie oft muss man den Anblick von "Eistütenkorsetts /-kleidern" ertragen...hässlich.

MindLess said...

Das kann bei sehr weichen Brüsten auch schnell mal passieren, wenn das Korsett passt. Allerdings kann man es dann wieder verstecken! ^^

kakuidori said...

eistütenkorsett XD tolles wort!

MindLess said...

Find ich auch!