Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How to wear a corset - part II

Welcome to the second part of the "how to wear a corset" series. Today I would like to talk about different corset styles and which figure will look best in each style. Again, I'm using store pictures to demonstrate the styles. If you have any questions about how to find a good quality corset, please head back to yesterday's part I of the series...

Waist chincher or corset belt
This kind of corset covers the smallest amount of waist and really only draws in the waist area. Since the pressure of a corset always pushes aside the belly and - if available- subcutaneious fat, this corset is most suitable for skinny women. This is not to say that fuller figures can not wear this, but you might find that while chinching your waist, you might also have fuller hips, a protruding belly underneath the corset and fat roles above the corset, so be careful!

Underbust corset
Underbust corsets can but don't have to cover the hips but generally cover the whole waist up to the bustline. The upper hem can be curved or straight, both can be equally comfortable. Whiel generally this style suits most people, you should be aware that it makes your chest look larger (just visually, as your waist is made smaller). If you are already conscious of your chest, another style might make you happier!

Demi- or half cup corset
While an underbust corset ends below the chest, a demi cup corset reaches up to a third or half of the chest. This style flatters most women as it lifts the bust (good for the smaller chested) but leaves enough space for bigger chests as well. When buying a half cup corset watch out for the back as well since low back length may lead to upper back fat rolls.

Overbust corset
As the name implies, this style covers the whole chest. It can have a plunge neckline (dip in the middle) or more or less straight neckline. Overbust corsets are a bit trickier to buy since the width has to match your chest size. Not many sellers offer sizers for fuller or smaller chests, so I recommend to try this corset style and not buy it on the internet. Problems may arise from a lower back (see demi cup corsets) or a too full/ too small chest.

Vest corsets
Vest corsets can cover the bust or end as underbust corsets. They might have high backs up to the neck or just have a strap around the neck. Again, these corsets are a bit tricky to buy, since the strap has to match your figure. They are really flattering when fitting right since they frame your chest and face. For fuller chests I recommend the overbust rather than the underbust styles.

Dress corsets
Something not seen very often is a dress corset, a dress with an integrated corset. These can range from mini to maxi dress. Rather hard to find and depending on the style of integrated corset also with the same problems.

Male corset
Every year on WGT, I see men wearing female corsets. This is never a good idea! I understand that there are much more female corsets available, but a man is build differently from a woman. The waist sits lower and is not as much pronounced. The hips are generally smaller, leading to a horrible fit in this area. Additionally, the ribcage is bigger/wider which can lead to breathing troubles because of wrong fit. To cut a long story short, men should buy male corsets which are especialy designed with their frame in mind.


GrrArgh said...

ich glaub, jetzt will ich ein unterbustvestenkorsett :D

ich mag deine Post reihe, sehr toll! nächstes WGT verteilst du dann Flyer dazu, zu den Leuten, die ihre Korsetts falsch herum tragen xD

Wollmaus said...

Westenkorsetts sind toll...so eins hätte ich auch gerne. Gleich mal auf die Liste setzen.

Und wenn hier schon Flyer verteilt werden, dann bitte auch mit den "most common mistakes", auf die ich mich schon freue :D

MindLess said...

Danke fürs Lob und - ja- ich hatte tatsächlich an Visitenkarten oder Flyer gedacht! ^^

Ich freu mich schon auf unseren Nähtreff am Sonntag... ;)

kakuidori said...

<- unterbust-fan. und danke, darf ich den satz über männer mal ausdrucken? hab da so nen spezialisten dem ichs gern zeigen würd XD

MindLess said...

@kakuidori: Klar, druck aus und verbreite die Wahrheit! ^^