Monday, June 18, 2012

Burda Style 7/2012

The July issue of Burda Style was very mediocre. I had a hard time to find three finalists, but on the other hand I was not as devastated by finding to many horrible patterns and fabrics. While this is certainly an improvement in comparison to last issue, I still would not spend money on this issue. Thank the powers that may be that I never ordered a full year of Burda Style since in the last 6 months I didn't see much stuff I urgently needed!

But let's focus on the "pretties" for a bit: You might be surprised there is no jacket pattern under my top three. But the only jacket pattern I saw (besides a cute little marine jacket which unfortunately was designed for baby and toddlers) was hideous.
My third place therefor goes to the little top on the right. The bow detail is nice and the whole top can be dressed up or down depending on the fabric you use; Silk would make it an evening piece, cotton batiste for a seaside adventure or seersucker for spending a day at the park...
Same is true for the second place, another pretty top. In this I like the rushing around the neck a lot. This too can be worn instead of formal blouse when at a meeting or - in coloured rayon- for a stroll around town. Looks like a good basic pattern!
While both tops are sweet and all, I like the dress pattern in the middle best. I like shift dresses in general and this one has short sleeves that are flattering for bigger arms. The rushing at the waist hides a bigger tummy and wide hip, so this pattern is a true winner!

As I mentioned in the beginning, I was neither impressed by the good and the bad patterns. While these "baddies" are nowhere as horrible as last time, I still have my doubts about this three patterns:
Third worst goes to the little mum shorts on the left. While they certainly look comfortable, the pattern is horribly unflattering for everyone without small waist and hips. Pleated waists always visually increase your hips, so if you are conscious of this area (and many women are), chose another shorts pattern.
The 20s dress on the right has more or less the same problem; Since this style draws attention from your (small?) waist, it leads the eyes to your hips. If you have wide hips, you will look bigger than usual with this style of dress. It is only flattering if you do have small hips and are overall really skinny.
But the winner is worse in my eyes. Who needs a trousers pattern with a hole in front of pants to show off undies/belly fat?


linnea-maria said...

Awful patterns!! Shudder! Your winner is quite nice though.

Wollmaus said...

Oooh ja, jeder braucht eine Hose, die freien Blick auf den Speck gewährt. *grusel*