Monday, May 21, 2012

WGT - quoth the raven - crinoline

Yesterday, at my sewing date with wonderfull Neisella, I had some ambitous plans:
  1. make the crinoline for the raven skirt
  2. cut and sew the raven corset
  3. finish some jersey projects since my sewing machine refuses to sew with the twin needle
 I've been procrastinating a lot on the raven skirt since I didn#t like what I sewed. The skirt is done (except the zip which is maybe 10 minutes work), but it's just not living up to my imagination. And since I have no idea how to change it, it's lying around in my room, unloved an in desperate need of finishing...

But on to the crinoline:

I really like this one!  Simple 4 part fishtail, a 2m hoop at the bottom and two layers of ruffles. Looks good, was easy to sew and - why the hell didn't I just do this like, 4 weeks ago???

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Neise||a said...

Der Unterrock ist soooo schön <33