Tuesday, May 22, 2012

WGT- quoth the raven - skirt

Since I need to hurry up a bit for WGT, let me shortly talk about the raven outfit. The skirt I made is a mix between a fishtail and - since the fabric I bought is not stretchy and I wanted a butt ruffle- the pattern McCall's M5523.  This is propably the third version, since I was never happy with what I made. Now I'm still not totally sold, but since the WGT starts in three days, this will have to do.The fabric was bought partially at the last fabric market (stripey tafeta) and in Münster (same tafeta I used for the bat skirt, just used for the ruffles):


front detail with feathers

ruffly back

back detail
side view (I'm a bit more... in the department! ^^)


Salome said...

schaut gut aus ... bin gespannt wies live aussieht ... ich trau mich mit meinem "department" ja immer nich in Fishtailröcke ^^

Wollmaus said...

Der wird toll an dir aussehen!

gift.raum said...

ich finde den rock total schön!