Friday, May 4, 2012

WGT -itsy bitsy spider- corset

Since I changed plans for this outfit, I also had to redesign the corset. I was torn between over- and semi-bust, but decided to go for overbust in the end - this eliminates a bra under the sheer top! ^^ I also wanted to integrate the spiderweb pattern into the corset. *Wollmaus* gave me the inspiration to use the spiders from the bustle again, so I ended up with a diagonal of red tafeta between a spider and her web. Too complicated? Well, just see it in person:

The pattern was taken from one of my favourite corsets and made it from the bustle tafeta. I used the spiderweb net from the top for the side panels and two appliqued spiders for the front. In the back, I integrated a modesty panel.

BTW: Selfmade bias tape!


linnea-maria said...

Amazing corset! You are so talented and productive. It's so nice and inspirational to read your blog. Nice detail with the spider and cobwebs.

Neise||a said...

Das ist echt schön geworden. Die Spinne macht sich richtig gut vorne drauf!

Wollmaus said...

Hey, das hast du perfekt umgesetzt! Sehr schönes Korsett.

MindLess said...

@linnea-maria: Thanks so much, I'm really flattered!

@Neisi: War Wollmaus' Idee. Und sie hatte Recht, ohne wäre es vorne sehr leer gewesen.

@wollmaus: Danke für die super Idee mit den applizierten Spinnen. War zwar ätzend von Hand durch 4 Lagen zu nähen, sieht aber wirklich gut aus!