Thursday, May 17, 2012

WGT gone batty - the skirt

Since I already finished the crinoline for this outfit, I was able to progress to the overskirt. Not having a finished crinoline really blocked me from going on: How to hem something if you don't know how much longer the skirt has to be to still touch the floor? How wide do I have to make the waistband if I want to be comfortable?

You see that I needed to get the crinoline done and then move on! The pattern for the base skirt is a simple circle skirt with approximately 30cm ruffle. I used approximately 4-5m of stiff black tafeta. The waistband is - gasp! How historically unfeasable!- a simple elastic band!


Neise||a said...

wie schön! Die Form ist richtig klasse geworden! Yaber wirkt mit Rock dtübervgleich etwas kleiner, der Reifrock ^^

linnea-maria said...

The skirt is beautiful!!! Oh I can't wait to see the whole outfit, I'm sure it will be amazing. You did a clever choice to wait with the skirt until the krinoline was finished.
Have a lovely weekend!

kakuidori said...

wunderhübsch, und viel spaß aufm wgt!!