Monday, May 28, 2012

WGT 2012 - What I wore Thursday and Friday

This year's WGT was pretty special since I went there without my boyfriend but with very special girls I met over my favourite forum: Neisella (who also took all pictures I used in this entry) and Meara (who neither owns nor reads blogs). Our hotel was nicely located in the very centre of Leipzig but had short opening times, making us hurry to get the keys in time.
When we arrived in Leipzig on Thursday after what felt like years (we even had some traffic jam on the highway despite a lot of time pressure), we still wanted to get into some goth gear and pre-WGT feeling. Since this wasn't planned, I had to improvise and used some stuff I brought with me:

lace shirt - sewn by me, corset - second hand, skirt - overskirt for gone batty, ribcage cameo-
Styled like this, we headed for some foods at Rizzi (I think we can be considered special guest because we ate there 4 days out of five) and afterwards to two dark discos: Darkflower and Moritzbastei. Coming from the ruhr area, we are pretty spoiled when it comes to partying. Every weekend we can choose from several options like Matrix, Old Daddy, Pulp or Tik - to name only the ones in the vaccinity of my home- so visiting the Darkflower is already pretty desillusioning. The club might be huge for Leizig and surroundings, but fits into the matrix maybe 4-5 times. Nevertheless it is filled to the brim with people, making it hard to dance. We left after aproximately 5 minutes... ^^
We headed to the Moritzbastei by foot, and upon entry I realised that parts of the Bastei were still closed. The music was loud and electric, we spent some time walking around but in the end decided that the music just wasn't ours and going to bed at 2am on the first night would be a good idea.

Friday was victorian picknick day, so we got up early to get breakfast and buy some food to dine on. WHile out on the hunt, we also bought shoes (well, we're women ^^), accessoirs (like the hairflower which ended up in my hair), tights (wonderfull lace tights for Meara) and some small delicious yummies like strawberries, raspberries, mango sweets and Giotto. After a little stylinmg marathon, I looked like this:

gone batty - self sewn besides the corset.
 I didn't put up my hair since I forgot to tell my hat maker Niniel Chan in time how I would like my hat to look. My bad! ;) I went with more or less open hair instead. The lip colour was borrowed from Neisella, but I think I might buy it for myself as well!
At the vic pick, we set up our picnic blanket under a tree and waited for the things to come. We met a lot of lovely people, including the wonderful Johanna, who wore a pretty dress with gazillions of ostrich feathers, Nyoba and lovely Nachtkatze with company.

After the victorian picnic, I planned to visit some concerts, but as this was WGT, nothing went as planned. Instead of seeing X-RX and Eisbrecher, we ate at Rizzi's and watched the MDR classical concert at the Thomaskirche and took a small trip to the Sixtina.


Salome said...

sehr schön ... schad dass ich dich afm vicpic gar nicht gesehen hab ^^

kakuidori said...

bitte bitte bilder *__* sieht ja toll aus was man bisher sehen kann! und auch wenn darkflower kleiner ist als matrix... ich mag die matrix atmosphere so garnicht... wie siehts bei dir mit zeche carl aus? ich werd vermutlich am samstag meinen po dahin schwingen, chancen, dass man dich da auch antrifft? fänd ich mal lustig ^^

ette said...

Du sahst toll aus! Wirklich schön geworden. Und das improvisierte Donnerstagsoutfit sieht auch toll aus, könnte auch so geplant gewesen sein.
Und im Pott geht nichts über das Eisenlager! Da war ich viel lieber als in der Matrix.

MindLess said...

@ Salome: Es ist auch mittlerweile so voll da, dass man gar nicht mehr alle Bekannten treffen kann.

@ Kakuidori: Ich bin heute in der Trixe und morgen besuche ich eine Freundin, da habe ich leider keine Zeit. Aber lustig wäre es auf jeden Fall!

@ ette: Danke fürs Lob! Ich mag ja lieber elektronische Musik, also gefällt mir die Matrix besser. Aber das Lager ist auch nett...

Wollmaus said...

Oh jaaaa, mehr Bilder von der Fledermaus!