Tuesday, May 15, 2012

WGT 2012 - Gone batty - crinoline

Yes, I know. It's totally hard to believe I already started! *roll eyes* But since I started dating Neisella - it's not what you think (clear your mind of the gutter), we just meet on the weekends to sew and cook. And it increased my productivity a lot!

Since she is an expert in ruffle and lace clothes, I asked her for advice when I started the foundation of my "Gone batty" outfit. She recommended the luxury hoop skirt from NatronundSoda.net (this link leads to a pattern and how-to, unfortunately it's german). I started drawing and decided on some changes:
  1. decrease the saddle length, as I wanted a more bell shaped and less cone shaped hoop skirt
  2. move the second hoop up and integrate a third hoop (again for the bell shape)
  3. omit the tulle and go for cotton (I had non and I think I prefer just ruffles and a natural fiber)
  4. use a proper zip instead of a velcro closure
  5. increase hoop size because I'm not exactly a size 4 like Soda ^^
The farbic I used was an old Ikea sheet (which I bought when I still had smaller blankets) and two pillows as well as a zipper from my stash. I only bought the steel and the steel casing (which I could have made myself, but this was way easier!). This is the final product:


ette said...

wah, my bedsheet. But I'm still using it.
The hoop skirt looks great. I don't know if I want to suggest to wear it without a skirt above it or if the pattern stresses the underwear charakter. It looks incredible, somehow as if the fabric was made for it and yet it does not look like a classic hoop skirt at all, somehow weird. But I love it, maybe I should buy some new bedsheets and use some old ones for sewing *gg*

Neise||a said...

jaaa, er ist fertig! =)

Aber den wollen wir doch auch noch mit Überrock sehen ;-)

MindLess said...

@ette: Ja, ich denke das wird zu unterwäschig... Und passt auch nicht zum restlichen Outfit! ^^

@Neisi: Kommt!