Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Gay pirate times again - stripey leggins!

Honestly, I don't remember how long I had this fabric in my stash. I bought it on a fabric market and I think it was about 6 years ago. But it could have been around longer... It is synthetic material (no clue which one), but the fabric feel even after washing prevented me from making the top I planned. So the poor fabric waited and waited for me to turn it into a garment, in the dark, crying... ;)

Since I didn't buy the galaxy farbic and have not found it on the internet (sources, anyone?), I decided to try my hand at stripey leggins. I had one inspirational picture in mind:

Since the fabric was two way stretch, I just cut out the selfmade pattern (taken from one pair of leggins I bought at Primark) and sewed the crotch. I inserted elastics in the waistband to prevent loosing them while walking. And here we go:


Neise||a said...

Saugeil! Sorry für die Wortwahl, aber die Leggins ist echt der Knaller :D

charly said...

Gab es auch Galaxy- Jersey oder welchen Stoff meinst Du, den Du _nicht_ gekauft hättest?

Die Leggins ist übrigens total toll.
Würd ich Leggins oder Skinnies tragen, wollt ich auch so eine. :D

MindLess said...

Ähem, so geil ist sie auch nicht. Nur ne längsgestreifte Leggins! ^^

Und ja, den Galaxystoff (Jersey), den ich eigentlich haben wollte, gab es auf dem Stoffmarkt leider nicht. Die Seide ist zwar ganz hübsch - und auch schon versäubert als Halstuch nutzbar- aber eben kein Legginsstoff!

MarySew said...

wie gut!!!!
und jetzt können wir mit der frau fledermaus im 3er partnerlook gehen ^^

linnea-maria said...

Your leggings turned out really nice! I hope you'll find the galaxy print soon.

Vic Quist said...

They are awesome! Could also be used for a female 'Jack Skeleton.'

MindLess said...

@ Vic Quist: Great Idea, maybe I will use it for an party outfit!