Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fabric balance sheet 5/2012

With WGT come and gone, I finally have the feeling that I can relax a bit and get some everyday clothes done. On the other hand I'm already working on plans for next year's WGT... Maybe I will post some sketches in the near future?

  • nothing!
total damage: 0 m fabric

Outgoing (only counting finished projects):
  • raven crinoline - 2m black cotton, 3m black tafeta
  • raven skirt - 2m of stripey tafeta, 1m black tafeta
  • raven corset - 2 m (including 3x lining)
  • raven neck wrap - 0.5m
  • jersey shirt for him and her - 1.5m
  • jersey shorts - leftover jersey
  • jersey cardigan - 1m jersey
  • snake neck corset - 0.5m (outer coutil and lining)
to the rescue: 13.5m farbic

0m - 13.5m = 13.5 m fabric reduced from my stash this month

Whohooooo! Nothing added but reduced a lot. And I still have bunches of fabric which inspire me and will be sewn into garments. I think I will need some more corduroy or other fabric for boyfriend's jacket - he wants to wear this to Amphi or Blackfield. At least my outfit is ready!

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kakuidori said...

haha i will start my plannings for next year after mera luna in august... ok, i already started a few months ago because i want to finish my chainmail dress XD

nice job on reducing :-D