Saturday, April 7, 2012

zombie saturday - resident evil series 4

The movie rsident evil: Afterlife starts wih Alice after months of searcing for other survivors. She finds Claire from the last movie on a beach without memory and a Umbrelly device attached to her. They follow the radio signal promising a zombie free haven to California. In Los Angeles, it seems to be located on an offshore ship.

On their way to the ship, they escape from a skyscraper filling with zombies. The ship itself is seemeingly empty but later turns out to be another Umbrella research facility. Of course this leads to more zombies! I liked
  • zombies in the building seemingly getting more intelligent
  • personal drama
  • ship fights - bit piratey
  • a lot of Mila(s)

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kakuidori said...

ich würd mal sagen es wird wieder zeit für nen filmeabend!!