Thursday, April 26, 2012

WGT - itsy bitsy spider - hat part II

Well, you probably remember the little spider I be-glittered? It has moved on to build a nest... On a hat to match my outfit, that is... This time the weather was rainy, so many of the pics I took didn't come out clear. Most of the steps therefor are without pictures, sorry!

I started with a foam rubber this time (3mm thickness, otherwise it flops around to much) and cut a circle in a size I found flattering for my head. I cut a slice from the foam rubber to make the circle doam shaped and more 3 D.
I then cut the same circle again from the main fabric of the spider outfit and glued it fixed with my hot glue gun. It is somewhat bumpy and the glue is visible at some points, but sind I knew the decoration would be big enough to cover, I didn't mind.

I used the leftover parts from the bird skull fascinator and put them together on the hat, again with extensive use of hot glue (you can _never_ use too much hot glue! ^^). And finally the spider was hot glue-ed on top.

I'll fix this on my head with bobby pins I - surprise!- hot glue-ed to the base. Added a label and I was done!

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Neise||a said...

Ich fänd noch mehr Schnickschnack toll :D Straußenfeder, coquetips oder so. Oder Perlengebamsel oder Hutnetz.. Pro mehr Chichi ^.^