Monday, April 23, 2012

WGT 2012 - Quoth the raven - hat part 2

Do you still remember the raven skull I made here? Well, since I had to fix it on my head somehow, see now how I got to work:

I bought this -rather cheap- basis in a dollar store. I liked the teardrop shape, needed the net anyway for the spider hat and the black feathers could actually work with my plans.

At first I cut off the decoration, leaving me with the base and some smaller leftover decoration bits my skull and some feathers will hide.

Then I glued feathers on the base with my hot glue gun.

Next, I added the skull and  some decoration I found in my stash. The butterfly belonged to a long lost hairclip, the flower was cut from another hair accessoire. The iridescent half-bubbles were bought from Charly at the Kreativflohmarkt 1 1/2 years ago...


The feathers i got from the initial decoration went in the back, right behind the skull. Since I decided I needed more feathers (use ALL  the feathers ^^), I glued some more in to add volume to the back.

Last part was to glue in my label (does this still define as a ready-made or did I make enough changes to call this my own creation?)... And I was done!


gift.raum said...

wunderschön und x mal besser als vorher!

Alexandriaweb said...

It's super duper cool :)

Wollmaus said...

Use ALL the feathers! *lach*

Ich finde das Hütchen toll. Du solltest mehr davon machen, du hast echt ein Händchen für Deko!

linnea-maria said...

It's beautiful!

kakuidori said...

chöööööööön ^_^°

freu mich schon auf tragebilder! und natürlich gilt das schon als selbstgemacht :-D *find*

MindLess said...

Danke, Leute! Mit soviel Zuspruch habe ich echt nicht gerechnet! *rotwerd*

Thank you so much for the nice compliments!

Neise||a said...

aaaall the feathers xD

Super Hütchen! Und defintiv viel toller als vorher. Ich mag Schnickschnack <3

Ich brauch unbedingt auch noch welche für Leipzig oO
Und ich will auch ein Raben/Krähenkleid!