Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sewing on the side - Faric buckets

I don't know about you, but somehow, birthdays sometimes seem to creep up to me and surprise me by suddenly being around the corner. Which sometimes results in (very) last minute sewing. Sometimes the needle is still warm when i hand over the present... *flush*

So, I tried to be a better me this year and when the first "surprise birthday" came up, i decided to make a whole bunch of unisex presents to have at hand in time of birthdays without sewing time. I used a pattern from the internet for this fabric buckets (tutorial link under the pic):

Fabric bucket: Not a bucket for fabric - well, you might acually store fabric in there- but from fabric. You know how you always accumulate clutter at the guest bathroom or in your hallway? Put these buckets at the stuff collector points and put the collected stuff back in place once a week. Very handy!


linnea-maria said...

Nice! I have been very lazy to make gifts as birthday presents. But when I do I do them in a dozen so all the relatives will get the same thing. :) That's maybe laziness too?

Neise||a said...

Was ne coole Idee! Sowas müsst ich eigentlich auch mal machen, Geburtstage kommen immer genau so überraschend wie Weihnachten *pfeif*