Monday, April 30, 2012

Fabric balance sheet - 4/2012

WGT is coming closer, so my sewing gets more intense. I'm actually pretty proud of how much I've achieved already! The spider outfit is done, the bat more or less (missing the optional blouse) as well. This leaves raven and snake which I've both started working on already. Let's see how I was doing fabric wise:

  • 0.5m galaxy silk
  • 3m black tafeta
  • 1m black jeans
  • 1.5m black and white stripey jersey
  • 1.5m teal and grey stripey jersey
  • 3.5m pinstripe fabric
  • 1.5m white jersey with black dots
  • about 1m (leftover fabrics, I think it's about 1mx1.4m all in all) of grey/black/silver/see through striped jersey
total damage: 13.5 m fabric

Outgoing (only counting finished projects):
  • jersey shirt for matrix 1m
  • hats (raven plus spider) 1m
  • (nananananana) batcape 3m - it's a full circle!
  • Spider corset - 2 m (including 2x lining + spider overlay)
  • jersey shirt in stripes - 1m 
  • pirate leggins- 1 m
  • bat outfit over-overskirt (decorative overskirt?) - 3m
to the rescue: 12m farbic

13.5m - 12m = 1.5 m fabric added to my stash this month

Going to the fabric market and checking the fleamarket option of my favourite forum let me buy some fabrics, but on the other hand I was sewing every week, so I don't feel bad about it. The tafeta was neccessary, since I needed fabric to sew the raven outfit for WGT. All in all, I reduced my stash a bit and look forward to next month - since I'm traveling for work again (hello Lyon! ^^), I will have one weekend less to work than I planned. Let's see if I make the WGT deadline or if I still have to sew on the way there... ;)

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