Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Burda Style 05/2012

Another month were I wish I was more plus sized... Burda always includes very generous movement increases, so despite me fitting in the store sizes, Burda plus size need a lot of taking in for me *sigh*. Since I can't wear them, I don't judge them in the Burda notes, but if you are plus sized and looking for flattering dresses for everyday wear: Go get this issue!

On to my normal sized favourites: While some readers of my blog will be surprised to find no jacket in my top three, my love for tight dresses with rushing also is no secret. The dress looks like a comfy and flattering jersey adaptation of the infamous galaxy dress. Nice to have, but I will check this issue for the amount of fabric needed before I buy this issue.
The waist cincher vest is my second favourite because it is something you don't easily find in shops, it makes an interesting accessory and is highly steampunk/goth adaptable. I wouldn't hide the buttons though, but this can easily be changed!
My favourite pattern is the long skirt with rushing shown in 3-4 different styles in this issue. The front hides bellies, the overall skinny cut shows of your waist and hips and in knee length, this dress will even be work appropriate (well, if in another colour than bright orange, I guess).

Let's now move on to what I'd like to call the "Dr. Burda, please join the operation team" series. I know it's spring, I know that pastels and white reappear every year around this time, but my only association with loose fitting garments in white and mint is medical staff.
Despite this association, I have a strong feeling of recurrence of this pants pattern as well. Maybe one or two years ago they showed the pattern with a lower crotch for harem pants. And this is certainly not a good revival!
While pockets on skirts and dresses are very nice and useful, adding them to an unfitted dress with front buttons just screams nurse to me. I f you would sew this in flowery print, you might enhance to look to cleaning lady. If this is what you are going for...
And the dress in the middle might look good in another colour, with more flowy than drapey fabric and with a belt, but on the other hand you will probably have better results if you just switch the pattern!

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kakuidori said...

-3 indeed looks like what i had to wear during my apprenticeship :-O yuck.

but i like your favourites!