Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Another try at jewelry making

Yet another birthday gift I made, this time for a coworker. A little bracelet made form pearls and charms. All the stuff needed for the bracelet are included in the picture (I used the fast setting glue to seal the knot)...

In the light of the ongoing discussion in my favourite forum: Do you think that preparing jewelry from pre-finished is still a "worthy" DIY? The bracelet looks rather generic - I'm honest enough to agree here - but I did put some thought in it to make it fit for it's future owner. And I also think that I'm never making a creation out of the blue air. I'm always inspired by something someone made!
Does this make me a bad crafter/seamstress?

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kakuidori said...

i think it doesnt matter if it is something inspired by something, something copied or something made from *nothing* in the end to do something that is 100% diy you would first have to get a sheep, a tree and i dont know what else :-P

looks nice, you put efford in it, enough. :-D