Monday, April 30, 2012

Fabric balance sheet - 4/2012

WGT is coming closer, so my sewing gets more intense. I'm actually pretty proud of how much I've achieved already! The spider outfit is done, the bat more or less (missing the optional blouse) as well. This leaves raven and snake which I've both started working on already. Let's see how I was doing fabric wise:

  • 0.5m galaxy silk
  • 3m black tafeta
  • 1m black jeans
  • 1.5m black and white stripey jersey
  • 1.5m teal and grey stripey jersey
  • 3.5m pinstripe fabric
  • 1.5m white jersey with black dots
  • about 1m (leftover fabrics, I think it's about 1mx1.4m all in all) of grey/black/silver/see through striped jersey
total damage: 13.5 m fabric

Outgoing (only counting finished projects):
  • jersey shirt for matrix 1m
  • hats (raven plus spider) 1m
  • (nananananana) batcape 3m - it's a full circle!
  • Spider corset - 2 m (including 2x lining + spider overlay)
  • jersey shirt in stripes - 1m 
  • pirate leggins- 1 m
  • bat outfit over-overskirt (decorative overskirt?) - 3m
to the rescue: 12m farbic

13.5m - 12m = 1.5 m fabric added to my stash this month

Going to the fabric market and checking the fleamarket option of my favourite forum let me buy some fabrics, but on the other hand I was sewing every week, so I don't feel bad about it. The tafeta was neccessary, since I needed fabric to sew the raven outfit for WGT. All in all, I reduced my stash a bit and look forward to next month - since I'm traveling for work again (hello Lyon! ^^), I will have one weekend less to work than I planned. Let's see if I make the WGT deadline or if I still have to sew on the way there... ;)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sorry, no cake today - but fabric shopping!

I'm sick today, so instead of baking cake or sewing with Neisella I'm lying on the couch and sewing some stuff by hand... But I was at the fabric market yesterday with a lot of friends and this is my haul:

silk georgette with galaxy print - I fell in love with galaxy jersey but they had none. So I bought this instead...

1.5 m each teal-grey and black-white stripey jersey. The boyfriend already wants a part of the teal-grey stripe for a shirt...

3m stripey cotton tafeta and 1m black jeans
Do you remember that I bought some purple lace jersey on a fabric market last year? I got the last bit before a woman bought the leftover bolt. And Trisha didn't get any althoguh she wanted it so bad! So I made her a scowl from the leftover bit I had from my jersey dress:

Friday, April 27, 2012

Quick grey striped shirt

I caved in this month and bought some beautiful fabics in my favourite forum. I recieved two jerseys and a pinstripe fabric, a totla of 4.5m. Since the fabric balance sheet is due next week, I decided to get my but into gear and start sewing them up! It's also nice do do some non WGT related sewing once in a while! ^^

Don't mind the grey shirt that my minime is wearing underneath!
The shirt is pretty simple, just the outline of one of my favourite shirts morphed into bat sleeves (I call them the lazy man's sleeves since you don't have to set them in ;) ) and an added cuff at the waist. Cutting and sewing took mostly one hour because I had to piece the waist - I only had 0,65m plus some leftovers! Luckily noone noticed so far...

Week in review 17/2012


I wanna go dancing again! Booty shakin' to "Tanz Schlampe" von xr-x

I started with "Sonea- The healer" by Trudi Canavan, but didn't get that far yet. On the other hand, I finished the audio books of the hobbit and all greek stories. And today I will finish reading a long time adventure for my RPG group which I will start to play with them tomorrow...

Käsespätzle! (~cheese pasta?)

It's getting more and more absurd!

Shirts and leggins and skirts and corsets - I'm sewing all over the place!

Color by COLOURlovers

...of the week!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

WGT - itsy bitsy spider - hat part II

Well, you probably remember the little spider I be-glittered? It has moved on to build a nest... On a hat to match my outfit, that is... This time the weather was rainy, so many of the pics I took didn't come out clear. Most of the steps therefor are without pictures, sorry!

I started with a foam rubber this time (3mm thickness, otherwise it flops around to much) and cut a circle in a size I found flattering for my head. I cut a slice from the foam rubber to make the circle doam shaped and more 3 D.
I then cut the same circle again from the main fabric of the spider outfit and glued it fixed with my hot glue gun. It is somewhat bumpy and the glue is visible at some points, but sind I knew the decoration would be big enough to cover, I didn't mind.

I used the leftover parts from the bird skull fascinator and put them together on the hat, again with extensive use of hot glue (you can _never_ use too much hot glue! ^^). And finally the spider was hot glue-ed on top.

I'll fix this on my head with bobby pins I - surprise!- hot glue-ed to the base. Added a label and I was done!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sewing on the side - Faric buckets

I don't know about you, but somehow, birthdays sometimes seem to creep up to me and surprise me by suddenly being around the corner. Which sometimes results in (very) last minute sewing. Sometimes the needle is still warm when i hand over the present... *flush*

So, I tried to be a better me this year and when the first "surprise birthday" came up, i decided to make a whole bunch of unisex presents to have at hand in time of birthdays without sewing time. I used a pattern from the internet for this fabric buckets (tutorial link under the pic):

Fabric bucket: Not a bucket for fabric - well, you might acually store fabric in there- but from fabric. You know how you always accumulate clutter at the guest bathroom or in your hallway? Put these buckets at the stuff collector points and put the collected stuff back in place once a week. Very handy!

Monday, April 23, 2012

WGT 2012 - Quoth the raven - hat part 2

Do you still remember the raven skull I made here? Well, since I had to fix it on my head somehow, see now how I got to work:

I bought this -rather cheap- basis in a dollar store. I liked the teardrop shape, needed the net anyway for the spider hat and the black feathers could actually work with my plans.

At first I cut off the decoration, leaving me with the base and some smaller leftover decoration bits my skull and some feathers will hide.

Then I glued feathers on the base with my hot glue gun.

Next, I added the skull and  some decoration I found in my stash. The butterfly belonged to a long lost hairclip, the flower was cut from another hair accessoire. The iridescent half-bubbles were bought from Charly at the Kreativflohmarkt 1 1/2 years ago...


The feathers i got from the initial decoration went in the back, right behind the skull. Since I decided I needed more feathers (use ALL  the feathers ^^), I glued some more in to add volume to the back.

Last part was to glue in my label (does this still define as a ready-made or did I make enough changes to call this my own creation?)... And I was done!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday cake - Devil's food

Today I made a very sinful, chocolishious cake:

Its called Devils food cake and you can find the (german) recipe here! Enjoy like I did together with *wollmaus*!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

zombie saturday - xombies!

I stumbled upon this years ago, when only two episodes were available. And I was seriously hooked! "Xombified" is an online comic and cartoon series centered around a little girl named Zoe and Dirge, an undead zombie killer. Together they go to find out if there is a chance for Zoe to escape the zombie infected wold and get back to her family. Go here to watch the episodes!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Week in review 16/2012


One of my favourite Metallica songs - The Unforgiven 2, Go ahead and listen to the full trilogy!

"Fremd küssen" by Steffi von Wolff. What can I say, I needed a book for my way back home from Neisella and this is what she gave me! It's a verx light read about the very confused radio moderator Carolin Schatz who tries to find true love with the help of an albino transexual man, her gay best friend and his new S&M boyfriend and a brutal looking dog owner. Funny, but not that deep!

Rosemary potatoes and vegetables with salmon

Thank god it's friday!

Sewing corsets, gifts and hot glueing hats... I was not lazy!

Color by COLOURlovers

...of the week!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

WGT- gone batty- Nananananana Batcape!

Sorry, I could not resist! ^^ Another part of the gone batty outfit is the cape with a batwing hem. The weather around white sunday (ie WGT) is unpredictable, I had everything from snow over thunderstorms to 30°C, so I'm carefully planning each outfit for a certain range of temperatures. The cape should keep me warm and dry:

The fabric was black velvet bought in Münster, the lining is thin polylining. The bow for closure will be simple poly satin ribbon Ihave some black stuff but will look for purple ribbon on fabric market this weekend. The hem had to be done by hand because both fabrics are slightly elastic and refused to work together with the sewing machine...

Here is a closeup of the hem, not only did I clip the curves but I cut the excess fabric at the tips to get them more pronounced.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday cake - Apple cake

This time I made vanilla psonge cake and added grated apple and a sprinkle of cinamon to it. Yummi!

By the way, I was out partying on friday again and Neisella was so kind to take a picture of my outfit (please be nice, this was after the party at 4 am...):

I bought the pants from for I think about 25 Euro including shipping. The shirt was one of those last minute "I have nothing to wear" sewing strikes. It's plain black jersey, sewn together in four places with my overlock. 15 minuntes from start to finish!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

zombie saturday - Zombie fitness

Great idea: Use a story around zombies to increase your fitness while running! Unfortunately, I don't have an Ipod touch or Iphone, but maybe they will make it open for more systems?
Get it here!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Week in review 15/2012


Deine Lakaien - Reincarnation

"Trotzkopf als Großmutter" by La Chapelle Roobol. I don't think that this very german story was ever translated into englisch. And since it's rather old (first published around the beginning of the 20th century), I don't think it ever will. But it is rather interesting storyline all about a girl Ilse (nicknamed Trotzkopf ~ stubborn person) growing up in another century and gives good perspektive about the lives of women at that time.

Fried potatoes (my boyfriend makes the second best - after my deceased grandparents ^^)

Procrastination, workload never ends *sung to the tune of above song*

I cut some corsets, and promise to take pictures this weekend. The light has gone when I come home from work...

Vector Patterns by COLOURlovers

...of the week!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Burda Style 05/2012

Another month were I wish I was more plus sized... Burda always includes very generous movement increases, so despite me fitting in the store sizes, Burda plus size need a lot of taking in for me *sigh*. Since I can't wear them, I don't judge them in the Burda notes, but if you are plus sized and looking for flattering dresses for everyday wear: Go get this issue!

On to my normal sized favourites: While some readers of my blog will be surprised to find no jacket in my top three, my love for tight dresses with rushing also is no secret. The dress looks like a comfy and flattering jersey adaptation of the infamous galaxy dress. Nice to have, but I will check this issue for the amount of fabric needed before I buy this issue.
The waist cincher vest is my second favourite because it is something you don't easily find in shops, it makes an interesting accessory and is highly steampunk/goth adaptable. I wouldn't hide the buttons though, but this can easily be changed!
My favourite pattern is the long skirt with rushing shown in 3-4 different styles in this issue. The front hides bellies, the overall skinny cut shows of your waist and hips and in knee length, this dress will even be work appropriate (well, if in another colour than bright orange, I guess).

Let's now move on to what I'd like to call the "Dr. Burda, please join the operation team" series. I know it's spring, I know that pastels and white reappear every year around this time, but my only association with loose fitting garments in white and mint is medical staff.
Despite this association, I have a strong feeling of recurrence of this pants pattern as well. Maybe one or two years ago they showed the pattern with a lower crotch for harem pants. And this is certainly not a good revival!
While pockets on skirts and dresses are very nice and useful, adding them to an unfitted dress with front buttons just screams nurse to me. I f you would sew this in flowery print, you might enhance to look to cleaning lady. If this is what you are going for...
And the dress in the middle might look good in another colour, with more flowy than drapey fabric and with a belt, but on the other hand you will probably have better results if you just switch the pattern!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday cake - passionfruit and orange cake

Just some vanilla sponge cake with passionfruit and orange juice instead of milk...

Saturday, April 7, 2012

zombie saturday - resident evil series 4

The movie rsident evil: Afterlife starts wih Alice after months of searcing for other survivors. She finds Claire from the last movie on a beach without memory and a Umbrelly device attached to her. They follow the radio signal promising a zombie free haven to California. In Los Angeles, it seems to be located on an offshore ship.

On their way to the ship, they escape from a skyscraper filling with zombies. The ship itself is seemeingly empty but later turns out to be another Umbrella research facility. Of course this leads to more zombies! I liked
  • zombies in the building seemingly getting more intelligent
  • personal drama
  • ship fights - bit piratey
  • a lot of Mila(s)

Friday, April 6, 2012

Week in review 14/2012

Sentenced "With bitterness and joy". Sentenced is one of the bands that I took with me from my last long term boyfriend. This is one of their most hopeful songs (yes, they are really _that_sad and depressed) from the crimson album. I know every song by heart!

Some book about finances. I really need to do my taxes.

Shrimps with crispy crust and pangasius in potato crust... The starters from my dad's birthday menu were definetly better than the meaty main course!

Is this a midlife crisis? Or am I just getting old?

Reduced my mending stash and a batcape.

Color by COLOURlovers

...of the week!