Saturday, March 31, 2012

zombie saturday - resident evil series 3

On to resident evil: Extinction: Since Alice escape from Racoon city, hte T-virus has spread over the planet. City trun to dust, fields have dry crops and few humans gather in groups and travel around to avoid zombies. Only a radio signal speaking of an haven in Alaska seemingly free from T-virus.

Alice has evolved some telekinetic powers which she uses to help humans. She also meets friends from her escape from Raccon city and helps them out several times. Meanwhile Dr. Isaacs, leader of the T-virus invention team, promises politicans that zombies can be tamed and used to fight other zombies. He also produces clones of Alice since he wants to study her to learn about her abilities. I especially liked
  • Zombie ravens
  • Mila Jovovich naked ^^
  • tentacle scientists
  • friendly computer system called "white queen"

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