Saturday, March 24, 2012

zombie saturday - resident evil series 2

The second resident evil movie "Apocalypse" starts directly after the end of movie one. Alice escaped the hive but finds herself in an more or less empty city. The T-virus was submitted into the surface world and soon lot's of zombies roam the streets of raccon city. In the beginning an evacuation seems possible and Umbrella starts to help people flee the city surrounded by walls. But soon zombie also appear at the gates and they close down everything.

Alice only help is a mysterious scientist who promises her to send an helicopter if she finds and saves his daughter. She encounters some more human who help her and try to use the same helicopter flight out. She also meets an very powerful zombie monster named "Nemesis". Again to avoid spoilers, I will just name some highlights:
  • badass alice riding a motorcycle through a window
  • fighting lickers in a church
  • dogs in school
  • an explaination for T-virus
  • love in times of war

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kakuidori said...

:-D genial. ist bisher einer meiner lieblinge!