Saturday, March 17, 2012

zombie saturday - resident evil series 1

After talking about Romero's take on zombies a while ago, I will now introduce you to another zombie classic: Resident evil was originally a video game series which spun of a animated serie, several comics and until now 5 cinema movies.

In the first movie, we get to know Alice, a woman working for Umbrella corporation. Umbrella works on computer technology, medication and biotechnology and seems to be a world wide leader in all these fields. They develop the "T-virus" which is able to reanimate dead cells. Zombie fans know what this will lead to - undead animals and - due to unfortuante events- zombies!

Alice enters the underground science center called "the hive" and fights the computer surveilance sistem "red queen". I don't want to spoil the plot if there really is anyone who has not seen the movie yet, but some highlights are
  • undead dobermanns
  • floating scientist zombies
  • an intelligent licker (which seems to be fused from several undead species)  
  • a zombie cure!

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