Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Workwear - shudder

Well, since I spend a big part of my month in a training camp for cell culture and functional assays, I somehow got inspired to sew something for my work wardrobe. I usually shy away from sewing work related stuff because I'm always afraid that my workmanship is not good enough and somebody might notice a loose thread I overlooked... *flush*

But since I already used both patterns before and was pretty happy with the results (and the cheap fabric in good quality from the secret fabric store in Münster was taking over my bedroom), I decided to give it a go. And honestly, I'm very happy with the results:

Skirt in stretchy woolen pinstripe, lined with kaki polyester lining (pattern)

Dress in dark grey thin wool, lined witht the same fabric (pattern Vogue)

I really did my best to work professionally here. I even handsewed both hems - definetely not my favourite past time! What do you think, can I wear them to a conference?


Frizzi said...

Zieh die Sachen zu der Konferenz an. Gerade das Kleid gefällt mir wirklich gut. Du wirst toll aussehen.

MindLess said...

Danke! Bei meinen eigenen Werken sehe ich nur noch die Fehler und traue mich dann doch nicht, sie "draußen" anzuziehen. Aber ich versuche, mich zu überwinden!

linnea-maria said...

Both the dress and the skirt are beautiful! they look very professional both in appearance and how they are made. The little flared part on the skirt is gorgeous, looks like it could be easy to implement on a skirt pattern.

Neise||a said...

Unbedingt tragen, besonders das Kleid ist klasse!

Und ich muss dich echt loben! Du bist so produktiv. Ich hab seit letztem Freitag keinen Finger in meinem Nähzimmer gerührt *narf*
Wird Zeit dass du kommst ^^