Monday, February 13, 2012

Visiting *wollmaus*

Yesterday, I visited my friend *wollmaus* for a little chat and sew round. I haven't seen her this year, so I was really eager to meet her again! As a gift I brought her a little pincushion:

Owl (made from leftover pieces of fabric, the patter can be found here)

with a label on the back ^^
After modeling her pretty new shoulder wrap, she sewed a woolen skirt -which doesn't make her butt look big, rather neo-victorian- and she helped me fitting my new corset pattern:

mockup, not the real deal! Seeing this pic, it needs further waist reduction. But the shape is good, this is done without any boning!

Makes me look a bit pregnant, I need to make my changes up to the waistline!

back fits good - the lacing panels were a great idea that Neisella showed to me: sturdy fabric with leftover eyelets with a steel bone to keep the panel straight

After some cooking (delicious cauliflower-chickpea curry and selfmade Naan), we had a lot of fun with singing along songs from the 90s and wonderful coverversions of "Somebody that I used to know" (1, 2)! It was a wonderful day, thanks *wollmaus*!

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kakuidori said...

that wol is cute :-D
good to hear you had a nice weekend!