Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday cake - cheesecake recipe

Today I had a funny helper with baking for "Sunday cake": Trisha from Mary Sew was visiting me! Together, we made a Dr. Cheesecake and a Minime cake for her to take home...

And since she requested the recipe, I asked my mum if I can write it down on my blog. She agreed, so here we go!

Cheesecake recipe

Make a dough from
180g flour
90g sugar
90g butter or margarine at room temperature
1 egg
1 package of vanilla sugar or vanilla pulp (the inner part of a vanilla bean)
1 tsp backing powder

Spread in a oiled backing form and pinch with a fork several times - this keeps the dough from rising to high!

Prepare the cheese mixture from
1kg Magerquark (you can mix creamcheese and yoghurt in equal parts if Magerquark is not available)
200g sugar -250g for original recipe
4 eggs
1 package of vanilla sugar or vanilla pulp (the inner part of a vanilla bean)
1 package of custard powder, either vanilla or plain flavour
100g butter for the original recipe

Mix ingredients together and pour over dough. Bake together for 60 minutes at 175°C.

I included the original recipe and the "lighter" version my mum makes. The taste is almost the same but the calories are much lower... If you want the change the flavour - how dare you eat any other cheesecake from now on?! ^^ - you can add cocoa to the dough. Or put some mandarines or peaches in the cheesemixture. Or add lemonpeel. So many delicious options...


MarySew said...

OMNOMNOM! Vielen dank noch mal für den tollen Tag und den lecker Kuchen :D Mr Sew freut sich schon, dass er was von Minime abbekommen wird ^^

kakuidori said...

hmmm... ich hätt gern ein stück mit schoki drin XD aber ich glaub ich bleib trotzdem bei meinen äpfeln zum naschen.